Friday, May 11, 2007

NP Ideas Buzz Day Celebrations

Today was my school NP Ideas Buzz Day Celebrations. So my team was among the top 11 ideas out of the whole school, so we were one of the winner! *claps
This is the design of the poster i created

Actually this is a good competition. After the new idea or the product being made, you will actually can get funding from school to subsidies you for you further research or make it into a real product for marketing purpose.

By the way, at 1st I'm not part of this team, but i been helping my friend since the beginning, i became a part of it... who knows, at the end we was selected as top 20+ to participate in the NP iDeas Buzz and we give presentation to lecture and some people from ASME.

Haha... this is me when doing the presentation for the NP Ideas Buzz Competition.

This is the Celebration day. Actually I think my poster is the best amony all the other 11 teams. Because theirs was black and white... *winks

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L i Y i n said...

WAH....apa tu??? i stil don't really get it but it sounds FUN! get to make the thing into a real product?!!