Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Microsoft Office Specialist

Yesterday i get a mail. It has been long time ago i get mail from Zalon. Hehe.. that was my birthday card!

Yesterday was different, It was from Microsoft! Hehe...
I participated a competition not long ago... regarding Microsoft Office 2003 - Word.
Although i didn't win but then i was certified as Microsoft Office Specialist after the "Exam like" competition.

That's my certificate.

Run Run Run!!

Picture above is from streetdirectory
As you can see the picture above, the route in red is the route that i had taken during yesterday CCA. We start from out school Ngee Ann Poly all the way to Holland Village then all the way back again. Is about 10KMs long...

The last time i had run for such a distance was during my form3 Penang Bridge run. Hrm... that was 4 years ago...

Time sure past fast huh 0.0! Hehe...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A trip to Chinese Garden

Last week stuff i went to Chinese garden. The name is Chinese so that's why everything there look Chinese la! ahahaha!

Look at the bamboo is like 节外生枝
S0 me and my friend try to imitate the bamboos 节外生枝 look alike?
There was a pool full with fishes... When u feed them all came toward you! There are many of them!

Hehe... Nice scenery right?

Below is the slide show of photo I took at there...

Click Here for a bigger view.

I was there When JSPO won the cham!

Yeah all my zi mui! haha... Manage to squeeze my self in the picture ah! wahaha!

Yeah! I was there too.... just that you all didn't notice me! hng! haha... i got prove!! c there bottom.. i was behind soon oo... lucky i was fast and tall enough to get that shot! wahhaa!!

Just nice for me to fit in! Wahaha!!

That ass was really anoyin! so i put a cross on it!! :P HAHA
I was so close to the camera... u c my face so big! hehe...

Nah this 1... i like the most... i manage to grab some1 uniform and wear it... You see? i am teaching potato dragon... how to play the toms... XD Other are so dark... i am the fairest of all! GG!

Afterall wish JSPO good luck in the upcoming national level bah! Wahaha... All The Best

Let's start with Student Usher

This happen last week lo... Hehe... today only update... Paiseh...

Last week was my school 2007 graduation ceremony. I was one of the helper there... what does i do there? Hrm... i usher people to their seat... hahaha... that's my job...

This ceremony was 4 days long but i only work for the 1st and 2nd day... At the 2nd day, my leg already tired ad... because need to stand all the time ah!! :( but it was quite a wonderful experience!

of course i took a lot picture but not with me... so sad... T_T

C that stupid me? haha.. That's me dude!
They are all from Electrical Engineering.

I also manage to grab this precious moment to zho xiao a bit while the guess haven't arrive to the hall. Let see what have i done!

On my way up to give a speech.

There... Giving my speech!! Hrm... What a wonderful memory!
a speech during the graduation ceremony! Yeng!

After speech.. give a pose! wah Yeng ah! haha..

Haha... btw... all those... i make them out... just took picture for fun! HAHA!


Yeah... My friend that same Division with me we're the 3 flowers! Wahaha...
Pose a Monkey face while i have the chance! nice right? haha! I Bet so!

Time to be serious... but yet... still look the same.. haha

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rock Climbing

Yeah.. Been sometimes didn't went for my ARC training. Last Sat I went for the meeting. It was suppose to start at 11am. but i woke up at 11am and reach there at 12pm! Haha... luckily I was late, because the site wasn't prepared yet until 12 pm.

That day we do Abseiling and watch little kids do Rock Climbing and Abseiling. But what is abseiling?

Abseiling is the process of descending on a fixed rope.

Don't have a clear view yet? See below...
That's abseiling. So that day everyone take turn to try once on it. Let's see who is he...

He's Wee Meng. There he is coming down
He stop there to wait me took his picture!

Finally he touched ground.





Previous was adult part... What astonish me was even kids around 4~5 years old try that! That was unbelievable for me!! And mostly there were foreigner such as English and Japaneses. Hrm... I don't think my mom will allow my little brother to do it... because she would probably say that "Dangerous!" Haha!

This is the platform

There He came

Ops this 1 was a failure. Never mind because he is Brave!

This fellow climb up the wall first.

Do the abseiling!

Woh! Well done! Actually i didn't manage to take
picture with their face, they are super cute!

Next, still got a few more shots.

Do you dare to climb?

Isn't they look cute? And daring?

Haha... My friend ask me why don't i go ahead and grab
one of them back with me...

After out meeting we went for a walk around then shopping complex then we split at the MRT station. From there i went to Orchard road.

Guess what I saw?





Nice? This is the first time I meet the real Robots in the streets!
Of course I will not lose this opportunity. So i take a photo with
them after i donated 20 cents! Haha... That the coin I left.






Haha!! Does I look like them too?
Must be la!! Haha! That's the end of my post! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fate and Faith ?

First of all do you believe in Fate? And have Faith with it?

Zaolon lately always use the word Fate, everywhere, anytime, anyplace. I was so curious then I ask him why...

A: Do you want to eat McD today?
B: Don't know... Erm perhaps yes, perhaps no... Depend...
A: Orh... Ok then...

Zaolon explain to me with that situation... That it is Fate that is "B" going to have his McD or not... Maybe the use of Fate is not that correct here... it is the Fate between "B" and "McD" are they doing to meet? No one knows...

I told that to my mom, she laugh and said that she agree with it. She said that since she get married she feel that her life was taken control by Fate. I didn't really ask her why but she did give me some example.

She said she never think of being a clerk that always need to work in an office everyday, but yet she is doing that now. She can't explain why she do that although she doesn't like to do so.

Just like everytime I tell her what I want to be when I grow up, she always tell me that, have dream is good, dreams make us want more and more, and work hard for it. But at the end of the day, we still need to came back to the real world where we stand*EARTH*. I always want to be actor, designer but I never get chance to do so. (*FATE?) And now I'm studying Electrical Engineering.

Working with Relay in my EE course

Back to Fate... Haha... Maybe now I am to study EE but not work as engineer? Or I am? Who knows? Lets see after 5 years? 10 years?

Haha... Mom always say... You need to eat... Dreaming won't get you money... She's right after all...

When talk about love, I'm always caught inside it. There are so many thoughts and saying.
  • We meet someone we like. (Is that fate?)
  • We broke up with someone. (Is that fate too?)
  • We in a relationship with someone and happy endind. (Fate?)
I guess no one can answer...

How about another situation...
When you are in relationship, someone tell you that, you two are not suppose to be together or you will not have happy ending... What would you do? At this time will you believe in fate? Or have Faith? (*Hehe... no offense just my thought)

Of course someone ask me that, particular question then I was thinking "Do We let Fate decide? Or We Decide Fate?" I still don't know the answer but have faith. Of course I want to decide my own "Fate" but can it be done?

Whenever we pray, we always have faith in God that our dream or our wish came true and etc. Is that having Faith will decide Fate?

There are so many question around me and I wish I'm as naive as that boy.

After all I think this song from Phil Collins - Two Worlds is nice.

Put your faith in what you most believe in
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see.

Now I believe most in my loved one. So I trust my heart. What's the out come we don't know. Have faith and let Fate decide.