Saturday, June 23, 2007

I was there When JSPO won the cham!

Yeah all my zi mui! haha... Manage to squeeze my self in the picture ah! wahaha!

Yeah! I was there too.... just that you all didn't notice me! hng! haha... i got prove!! c there bottom.. i was behind soon oo... lucky i was fast and tall enough to get that shot! wahhaa!!

Just nice for me to fit in! Wahaha!!

That ass was really anoyin! so i put a cross on it!! :P HAHA
I was so close to the camera... u c my face so big! hehe...

Nah this 1... i like the most... i manage to grab some1 uniform and wear it... You see? i am teaching potato dragon... how to play the toms... XD Other are so dark... i am the fairest of all! GG!

Afterall wish JSPO good luck in the upcoming national level bah! Wahaha... All The Best

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