Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's start with Student Usher

This happen last week lo... Hehe... today only update... Paiseh...

Last week was my school 2007 graduation ceremony. I was one of the helper there... what does i do there? Hrm... i usher people to their seat... hahaha... that's my job...

This ceremony was 4 days long but i only work for the 1st and 2nd day... At the 2nd day, my leg already tired ad... because need to stand all the time ah!! :( but it was quite a wonderful experience!

of course i took a lot picture but not with me... so sad... T_T

C that stupid me? haha.. That's me dude!
They are all from Electrical Engineering.

I also manage to grab this precious moment to zho xiao a bit while the guess haven't arrive to the hall. Let see what have i done!

On my way up to give a speech.

There... Giving my speech!! Hrm... What a wonderful memory!
a speech during the graduation ceremony! Yeng!

After speech.. give a pose! wah Yeng ah! haha..

Haha... btw... all those... i make them out... just took picture for fun! HAHA!


Yeah... My friend that same Division with me we're the 3 flowers! Wahaha...
Pose a Monkey face while i have the chance! nice right? haha! I Bet so!

Time to be serious... but yet... still look the same.. haha

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