Monday, July 16, 2007

CCA BBQ at My School

Last Friday our Electrical Engineering Division have a CCA event called BBQ at school Kismis Field. So the EE Society which I am the Vice President play an important role on setting up the event. *wink - feeling proud*( My members going kick my arse when they see this.. haha... of a big thank to those that help out the event to make it so successful )

That is when still early still not much people coming, and we were busying setting up the place.

You see my hand you know that I am the most successful in setting up fire! Haha don't have doubt! I am the best! beside me were my assistant from Cambodia! Their fanning skill were good!

Finally setting the fire was done... and that's the out come of my pretty tinted hand! Its Dark! haha... I sense the DARK SIDE....

See that guy that raise his hand? His name is Alex... the most gay people I ever meet! Haha... The 1 on his right with pink dye hair is/was her girlfriend. Although he got girlfriend.. he still going around and poke people arse... like humming u from the back.. I am always one of the victim... Haha....

This's me again... with weird pose... That's me... is hard for me to get a normal picture!

This lecture with camera is out EE most dedicate camera man... Almost all EE event he will be there to take picture of us.. His camera body cost about 2k sgd another 2k for the lens. How about the flash? I don't know....(look there is 1 girl behind him that going to knock him down!)

Since he is so busy taking picture of other... Is time for me to pay back... so I took a picture of him taking a picture of mine! Hahaha... nice?

During the peak hour... We plan the BBQ event for 80 peoples but... it turn up to be 120 people! That was awesome! And we don't have enough food never mind EES will be back in no time! Stay tune to EES broadcast! haha...

That's me! Prove that I'm working like Ah Sham... Peng Keh Sit for everyone! XD I am so Mr. Nice Guy! *self promoting!*

Ok last one! I actually peng too much then fall sick the next day... But now ok already! So by now is time to sleep! Hehe... Enjoy!

p/s. Updated slide show... you might want to browse it at bigger window so do feel free to click the enlarge link below the slide show.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Star War Orchestra

Watch this! Really Impressive! I hope i'm one of them! haha!

Wake up; McD; Study; Lost

Tired tired tired... Then I sleep early yesterday... but in the middle of the night suddenly woke up... Hiaz... that's what usually happen to me in the middle of the night if I sleep too early.. xD

I was hungry but luckily my room mate brought me McChicken! Haha... I told him to buy me before he went to work in yesterday.

Imagine having a large serving of McD in the middle of night and didn't do exercise... that going to cause obesity. Hrm... no choice than... time to burn midnight oil! Haha... The last time I burn mid night oil was before my SPM 2005! xD but i always sleep late.. without burning the oil

Hehe... later got quiz further more i can't get a life on sleeping... I guess is time to squeeze some juice out of my brain...

Now bored and don't know what else I can do... so came here and blog...


After blogging... I went for surfing in the internet... Hehe... obviously all my friends blog...
then when i stop xuan blog... the post there is like a mirror... i felt like i am looking at myself... some how we both are quit emotional people... is hard to know what we are thinking.

I wish I can tell Ying what I feel and how i feel... but i just don't know how... and yet all these dilemma will disappear soon. Am I that selfish?

I been telling her to talk to me when ever have problem, but now i am keeping everything for myself again... Feeling sorry to her...

Please forgive me... I don't even know what am I thinking now and what I suppose to do also...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Blood Donation

It was last week that I had my 1st blood donation! I was quite nervous and scare actually... But then I take the dare! And that's it! My 1st BLOOD DONATION! The feeling was great after the blood donation! Feeling that you had done something very good! Haha... You might try if you haven't Donate Blood before.

He's is my room mate... actually we together 4 people go for donation together. 2 of then are my room mate and 1 is their friend from Vietnam...

That's is what happen when u go for blood donation! You just have to sit there and relax... the will do everything for you... and there is 1 thing you need to do...

Squeeze this with you hand... Hehe.. So that the blood can flow else it might too ages for the 450ml blood pack to be filled! xD

Because selection of wrong vane i need to put ice pack.. my left hand don't have big and strong vane... because they didn't check my right hand with have better vane... so end up.. i almost fill my 450ml pack only and end up with bruise at my left hand..

So next time when you guys came by blood donation campaign... Do sign up for a blood donation because it is a great thing to do!