Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

Yeah Happy Early Birthday to Zen Yang(30-08), Zaolon(03-09) and Chin Hou(23-09)!!
Did you all notice that the birthday cake have straw and fries? That's Chin Hou invention! Haha... look nice right?

Because we dont have enough candle... We use 2 Big candle instead.. so They are now 20 years old! haha! going to be uncle le!

The earliest to celebrate birthday here is Zeny. So he get to blow the candle 1st. Of couse we wont let him go so easy! He must get rite of the candle by usign his mouth... This is an easy task for him!
Next Zaolon... Still a piece of cake.. Haha... Because he is out Boss! so we didn't bully him.. But the next 1.. Hahaha.... pity him!
That's the result! Full with cream! he is too noty! so we torture him... we used the smallest candle... and stuck in as deep as we could! Haha.... There he go! Owned!

Ok that's all for this entry! Wish them have a good Birthday that coming soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 Perverts

Hallo everyone! Long time didn't post a proper post!
Last Saturday, I went to Bugis with my room mate... then we went pass this "笑佛" in dialag it is called "chio hud"

Then Ah Chew( the one who I always mention which is my room mate, hope you all can have a better view... xyun you might not want to miss this... haha ) and me... went toward that statue and start touching here and there...

Rumours said that.. you will get better luck by touching different part.. so.. i guess... not to lose the chances... touch all the statue will mostly give you the best luck! Hahaha!

That's me! You can see me so happy touching his cheek! actually I was kinda like slapping! Haha

That's Ah Chew, he was too greedy... as you can see... he was touching its belly... i guess that is going to bring him a big fortune soon! Hahaha!

Never let go of chances!!! Touch whatever you can grab! Haha....

Quick link to Ah Chew Blog

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wooh... 1 more week...

After nex week will be by exam week.. although i only have 2 paper to test... WaHAHA.... finaly my semester break is coming!!! very SOON!

Lately didn't blog because I'am too lazy and having partime job.. so not going to blog much until i go back penang... Hehe.. so see you all around... Bye