Sunday, August 5, 2007

2 Perverts

Hallo everyone! Long time didn't post a proper post!
Last Saturday, I went to Bugis with my room mate... then we went pass this "笑佛" in dialag it is called "chio hud"

Then Ah Chew( the one who I always mention which is my room mate, hope you all can have a better view... xyun you might not want to miss this... haha ) and me... went toward that statue and start touching here and there...

Rumours said that.. you will get better luck by touching different part.. so.. i guess... not to lose the chances... touch all the statue will mostly give you the best luck! Hahaha!

That's me! You can see me so happy touching his cheek! actually I was kinda like slapping! Haha

That's Ah Chew, he was too greedy... as you can see... he was touching its belly... i guess that is going to bring him a big fortune soon! Hahaha!

Never let go of chances!!! Touch whatever you can grab! Haha....

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