Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

Yeah Happy Early Birthday to Zen Yang(30-08), Zaolon(03-09) and Chin Hou(23-09)!!
Did you all notice that the birthday cake have straw and fries? That's Chin Hou invention! Haha... look nice right?

Because we dont have enough candle... We use 2 Big candle instead.. so They are now 20 years old! haha! going to be uncle le!

The earliest to celebrate birthday here is Zeny. So he get to blow the candle 1st. Of couse we wont let him go so easy! He must get rite of the candle by usign his mouth... This is an easy task for him!
Next Zaolon... Still a piece of cake.. Haha... Because he is out Boss! so we didn't bully him.. But the next 1.. Hahaha.... pity him!
That's the result! Full with cream! he is too noty! so we torture him... we used the smallest candle... and stuck in as deep as we could! Haha.... There he go! Owned!

Ok that's all for this entry! Wish them have a good Birthday that coming soon!

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