Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bet U wont see this everyday!

Saturday afternoon I went to Pacific Shopping Mall with my lilttle brother. On the way back we saw this Scene that i BET you wont see it everyday!

That guy was cycling the bicycle which his lover was sitting on the HANDLE! WOW can you imagin that? Hahaha... I quickly ask my lil brother to take out our phone and have few snapshot! and these are what we got that day!
That girl was very shy! And you know what... they know we are taking picture of them! Haha... Unluckly they cant find any place to hide! Pity them!

After being snapshot by my brother and me... They finally decide to change a normal style... Haha... this is more normal... Haha... more aceptable

Ops.. suddenly his friend came in and join the parade! Haha.. I guess this was Merdeka Special Edition! They stunning action really stunned me!! Hahaha!!

Last but not least... do you all see a pink mosque before? Now you do!

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