Thursday, September 6, 2007

Star Search

Wow... lately I am busy with many events... such at Back 2 Ubin trip that i havent post and a visit to Villa Francis Old Folks Home. But now i am posting about few days ago... I went for live recording at Media Corp for the talent show "Star Search"

I got the free ticket from friend that i meet during my Ubin Trip a.k.a police. He is such a nice guy! Hehe.. I went there to support his fren (2nd from the left) but unluckly he was unable to get to the next round... :( But nvm he did his best

Hehe.. next is some pic i took before the show went on live...

This is the setting of the stage! Look nice!

Me and my president Hehe... he is very xian... haha..

Me Me Me always me... Haha...

We were late... so we sit a the back roll.. Pity us...

End of the show... we were not allow to take photo when the studio is recording... so i only can tlak photo after the recording.

You all can watch live on the Web from here every Tuesday at 8.00 p.m.

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