Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is you again to TAG me....~_~

Five things found in my bag: (I currently have 3 bags which 1 should it be?)

  • Pills (My friend gave me quite some times ago for my flu)
  • Bracers (Gifts from friends)
  • Spectacle Case without spec
  • Wallet
  • And one ten cents coin.

Five things found in my purse:

  • Currencies (China, Malaysia, Singapore)
  • ICs
  • ATM card
  • EzLink Card
  • Student passes

Five favorite things in my room:

  • My Guitar!
  • Laptop
  • My S&E w810i (Back online again!)

Aiks, don't really have many thing here in my room. 2/3 of my bed is cover with my clothes.

Five things i've always wanted to do:

  • Bleach my hair to Grey color! (Will get this done when I back to Penang for sure!)
  • Play my guitar well
  • Get my GPA 4 result this semester! (Say good bye to 3.9......)
  • Build up my stamina!
  • Be PRO in everything I am interested!

Five things i'm currently into:

  • Finish my ECAM and VI tutorial for tomorrow submission!
  • Have a good nite sleep
  • Learning my German Language
  • Train my Character in Lineage II!
  • Train myself as much as possible so that I am strong and fit!

No people to tag! Because I am freaking tired to think of FIVE people!


Mr Lee Thian Pau said...

I am impressed with your resolution for the new semester. GPA 4, it is possible. Strong biceps and lots of muscles, I think they are coming out nicely. Playing guitar, how about a tune for all of us this Friday ?

牛牛 said...

you have no problem to get 4 la...I trust you alot....this semester for me, the same wish for my GPA... we all cheers loh...hehe~~~