Saturday, October 6, 2007

YEP @ San Min

Ok I didn't blog for a few days, now is time to start again. Hehe... I'am back to myself again.

The trip to china YEP is a very long story. If I would have post it out in one go, that wouldn't be very interesting, so instead of posting them at one go, i pick those HAPPENING time because it is more meaningfull! Hehe...

Below is taken during the trip back to XiaMen after about 9 days stay at the YangXi village. When we arrive at the train station, the train haven't arrive, so we have a tour around the SanMin city. That's what we discovered and what we do there.

Let's see what we have here.

First we have some picture about the scenery of the SanMin City.

The City traffic is light but is very HAVOC they use their horn all the time to alarm other people to give way.

This is the store at the road side. Kina sell many thing. Even IP phone call can be made here. But is for Local Long distance call.
This is their bus. If you could see it clearly, it was packed with many people.

Ok, That's it. That the end of out sight seeing. Next we will have some fun here. Proudly present by....
Of course is me... =D beside me is our Dong shi zhang. Ah Dong.

They are the Chek Akk team. This is the photo they took before interview they 3 roses behind them. Ops one of them(the largest one) is block by Wayne..

This is the Lion they were talking about. But it is abit too shy... Kah Shu la..

This is our next target! let see what happen when we pursued this case...

Haha.. i am the ah boon... Camera man. We ran all they way to the scene because b4 that, we were spying on them from far.

See i am at the back.. holding camera..? Haha.. The one with spec is the Ah Chek!

They were the victim for our show today. They look so shy... after being flim by us. Tsk tsk tsk....
The guy in black stil wanna stop me from filming... So fierce!!!I was asking my friend to take picture... Lol... Ah Akk.. leg itchy.. c her hand?

Next we stop by a playground. And it was fun there... we still have 1 more shot there... you can see the video at previous post.

Me.. see me? half of me there... haha...
They were trying to stop that girl from the swing so that... Other people can use it.. for fliming purpose.. Haha..
We have alot of fun at the swing.. this is just the begaining.

Ah akk!! Smile so happy....! almost fly out ad...

THis is our Da GE... beware he is preparing for a jump now.

From now on, The act you see is very dangerous
They were done by the professional.

There you go! YAH!!

Ah Chek also want to try, but fail...
I almost stick to the camera lense!!
Now is 2 people stun.. More Advance!

Timing problem. Nvm Try again!

Yahoo!! just nice!! Haha... Lucky my pant wasn't torn..

All the photo, Thanks to Him-- AH DONG! His CONTROW of the camera is the best among every one!!! Haha...

Monkey never lost his natural behavior... Haha.. That's me..

Then we have out group photo... starting with S.H.E then the 7PL


The 7PL
Lol... the police was kicked by our Da Ge when taking this photo.. Haha...

We also go for hight measurement... And the result was a shocking news!!
I am 2.4Meter in Height!!!
Haha... he is pointing at me... indicate i am so NOOB
Our Dage!! 2.1m only... i am still the winner!
Lol... ah chek... shock.. suddenly he grow so fast!

Lol.. i am just almost 2M la.. Kidding...

Then we found a Photo Frame... which can fit in everyone! It is a bit rusty but it is nice..
It was kinda pack... Haha... to fit in 7 head!

But there is still plenty of space to fit me in!

Last stun! before we really leave this memorable play ground...

Finally is time to go back to the Train Station. Else you wont be seeing me here today!
This is the train station we took to go back to XiaMen. Forgot to mention the time we took to reach XiaMen from SanMin. The trip took us 7 hours... It was really pain in @rse.

Thanks to DaGe a.k.a Da Lang.... because the source of photos are from him!

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