Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You are at the right place!

Hallo everyone! Don't worry you are on the right page!!
I can't sleep so log in my blog and start to change thing...
Finally LostNoob's blog have a totally new look!
Time to Refresh everyone!

As you can see there are quite something missing around here...
Don't get PANIC just click on my sidebar! They are now drop down menu.
Took me hours to sort them out... very not easy.

And sorry for those friends that I didn't link them. It is because I accidentally lost them while i change to this new "skin". I will add you guys back ASAP. If you drop by and can't see you site link here... feel free to drop me message, that will save me some trouble!

Hehe... Time to take a nap.. (i am a sick people... yet i am here...)

P/s. my blog is best view in Firefox!

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