Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Saturday With Too Much Coffee

Ouch Yesterday I really lack of sleep... I only get into sleep around 6 a.m. in the morning then I have to wake up at 9 a.m. to go school for my EES trip to Singapore Science Centre!

We reach there around 10a.m. because the bus depart 9.40a.m. I was like (-_-") wasted my 40 min sleeping time.... What a waste... xD

Because we don't have much time there, so i hardly take picture inside there... just one or two. there is a very interesting optic illusion below.
on the floor is actually this picture alone but in the middle there is one pole which have reflect the floor image and show this
is a face!! incredible... wonder who is the guy who draw that piece of art on the floor!

been in a hurry inside... I don't think I finish to walk around the whole science centre. We also went for a movie at iMax theater. is a special theater which the screen is in a sphere shape... erm i can't take picture inside, because camera is not allowed. Too bad, the movie we watch was boring, i almost slept inside but the theater itself is good!

LOL i took this before i went to Pasir Panjang with Andy for a warehouse sale... I think this statue enjoy i picking his nose... since he have no hand... if he have. it would be a chunk of rock! Sorry if it is not funny... xD


At Pasir Panjang there was a New Balance warehouse wholesale and it is freaking cheap... I hardly go for shopping but I still can read the price tags!!

example 1 pair of sport shoes normal price was SGD17x+ but it was just SGD 50 that day... is about 70% off the normal price!!! But I didn't get one... xD but there are nice.

I manage to grap 3 pieces as shown on below... guess how much i paid for them?

The actual price tags were SGD 36, 36 and 46

The total should be 36+36+46 is about 118 but i only paid 50 for them... I wish I really can grab more... but... we must not be too greedy! So that all i bought...

I am lucky that i never went home after the science centre trip, because i was really tired and sleepy because lack of sleep... But it really worth it! Haha...

Next we went to the Queenstown mall for some windows shopping with Andy. Nothing really interesting there just bunch of shops selling sport stuff which you can bargain with... LOL eventually they still manage to chop you.... just that we don't know...

They last stop we went got IKEA just opposite of the Mall....
It is big... and I almost sit on every sofa I went past... Haha.. just like them...

Finally we were hungry and go get something to eat... this is where the nightmare strike!

it was quite crowded.. with a lots of foreigner! I mean guai lou!

This was found on our dinning table... what does it read? Lampan lamp right? read it again without the N... xD

Did you notice the coffee there? is just cost SGD1.20 for the first cup, then is free flow...

FREE FLOW here i come!! haha.. i was going to sleep, in order to keep myself awake... Andy and I both drank 5 cups of it!!!! Ouch... even though It still make me sleepy.. like living zombie! I swear i would never do that again, unless i have no choice...

Even when I reach home... I can't sleep... although my brain tell me... YOU are FREAKING tired.... Guess that caffeine OWN your Brain! Haha...

so never try too much coffee unless you really wanted to stay "AWAKE" !!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away...

Awh... is raining AGAIN!!! But this time is different... very different! I have an umbrella from Mr Lee!

Two hours ago, when i was in my class... out of a sudden someone walk to behind of me and throw something at my bag. I was shocked... I cant even recognize who is he... (because i forgot to wear my spec to school today... and i was late by half hour...)

I left it at home....

After a few second then only i get back to myself and "discover" that he is Mr. Lee! Wah... really thanks you Mr. Lee for that umbrella and being so nice to me... and everyone!

The Name is green is the Mr. Lee i am referring to.

That umbrella really save me from my fever or what ever la.... from getting worse. Else... i will have to pay off my butt... to go see doctor liao... I don't like to see them... I will get worse if I am going to meet them... because you have to travel, then you have to Q, then you have to pay.... what... that will make half of you day...

This the prove... that it rain this afternoon just after i get this umbrella!

The umbrella Tag.

Look at the Tag... it read RainMaster... so i am the owner of this new umbrella... which make me Master of the RainMaster! HAhaha... Rain Rain next time I will not be afraid of YOU anymore!!!!! Muahahahahah!!! *evil laughter*

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two Fever In Two Weeks So I Been Sleeping

Last week I just had a fever because of the water that drop from the sky... a.k.a The Rain.
I though it was just drizzle is ok if i don't use umbrella which I don't have. But end up with a slight fever. Which make me feel sleepy all the time... especially during the school period...

Hah but not just me who feel sleepy all the time... actually there are some classmate who join me in the action. As you can see on the picture below... those are the prove that I had taken... and they were caught in action!

Actually I'm the sleeper of the class. Just like the old day in Jit Sin where I almost sleep in class everyday. Ya everyday and I am the class Rep too! So... I still remember I was shout by my Add math Sir to wake me up. That was a shocking move... Really.. and you don't want to see that again... beside that... I also been scolded by my Moral Sir. Haha... sleep inside his class... Hrm i think next trip to my Secondary school, I should take some picture of my classroom and tell u guys how I sleep that time... Haha...

There you go another one. Actually they also hold the evidence of me sleeping in class... and you really can tell... who will be the winner the best sleeper...

Today even at the lecture hall I can pass out... Haha... even drool on my lecture notes.... Haha...
all blame to the RAIN again.. because i caught in rain again on Wednesday morning. It was a heavy rain... Need to thank someone for not lending me his umbralla...

Hehe.. that all for my FEVER post... hope i get well soon... So dizzy all the time and sleepy yet a bit bad tempered. Sorry if i had shown attitude to my classmate... but i know they won't see this post... they are no fans of blogging... Well I dont even care right? Haha...

Wish everyone have a good day! :P

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I play Tennis

Happy Deepavali to everyone!
Today is a fine day, although it rained in the morning. But that's good which make the weather very nice for some outdoor sport!

Today I meet my cell group's members to play tennis. This is actually my first time playing tennis and it was very hard to master unlike badminton everyone can pick up the racquet and start hitting the shuttlecock over the other side.

But for Tennis I find it very difficult! You can't use your wrist to much else it will hurt badly :( you must swing the racquet. For newbie like me, I always miss the ball or the ball I manage to catch can't go over to the other side...

Arg, I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to serve the ball over the other side... We played Tennis from morning around 11 till 2 in the afternoon then only we stop. Actually only I keep the ball rolling... They already went wash up around 1.

This is Timothy. He is a very funny guy. Every time he miss the ball he will say:" That was just warming up!" and he play tennis like doing Kung Fu style... very interesting! Every serve must do a pose!
This is Selena, too shy to take a photo. Actually she is trying to protect herself from being hit by the ball
aEdmund and Timothy, I forgot what are they doing because I was trying to take a picture while they are "in action" but shuttle speed too slow... missed!
There you go Edmund my cell group's leader. "Look" very energetic! LOL no offence just kidding... Just try to prove him. But I think he won't see this post...

Before we pack up and go, we actually see a bunch of kids playing "combat"(I don't know how to call this game) they were armed with guns and sensors. They were running all over the place to seek the opponent and try to take them down!

At first they were not going as one team but one of the instructor told them:"is better to stick together you know? So that you wont get kill so fast..." Then those kids immediately regroup and "Chiong" as one whole team... Haha...

I think this is fun next time got chance want to try paint gun! Should be pain and fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Widgets!

Hello... as you can notice, there are new thing at my side bar!

They are some slide show from Picasa and Flickr. Hehe hope you all enjoy those photo my friends took at China. Beside that the Flickr photo will refresh every times you all refresh my page.

Lately I think I had fever. Very tired all the time... Yesterday didn't make it for my morning class. Overslept! Then I continue sleep until 1:30p.m. then go to school for afternoon class.

Who know after i back from school around 5+p.m. i start to sleep again! until around 10p.m. I am so horrible... always sleep like that... I think I am turning into a Pig already! haha!!!!

These pigs are from China- Yang Xi

Hehe... don't know how to be more vigilant ah! But no worry... I sure can find a way! Muahaha...
By the way... now is early in the morning... still can't have the urge to sleep yet!! xP and outside is raining... which mean COLD for me...

ok enough... gonna go find something to fill my stomach because of the cold weather, my fats is burning FAST! Haha... some of you out there must be envy at me right? xD that's me!

Last but not least, a few German words for everyone!

Guten Tag!(Good day)
Ich heiβe(heisse) Eng Song Keat/ Mein Name ist Eng Song Keat (you can guess this one!)
Wie geth's?(how are you)
You should answer Gut! Danke(Good! Thank you!)

Ok that's all for today... Bye (Auf Wiedersehen/Tschüss)

Monday, November 5, 2007


Last Saturday went for a movie again with Kevin. Always we two go for movie. This time we watched Stardust. It was a nice movie with a good storyline.

It is a fairytale movie with lots of humor created by those death princes... You will know who i am referring after you watch it.

This movie has everything a fantasy movie should have, romance, clever witticisms, great acting and a fair dose of magic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was drawn to its original plot (based on the Neil Gaiman novel which I am now looking to read) and colorful characters.

One of the most striking things to me actually was how self contained the story is. Unlike so many sci-fi fantasy movies out there right now which leave open-endings and such this was a pure fairy-tale, satisfying in and of itself with no need for a sequel.

Original. Fun. Feel-good Fantasy.

Taken from User Comments at IMDb

And a trailer for everyone:

Ok I hungry now... is 12pm at school now... because can't online at home. No choice but to blog at school... Bye everyone Hope you all will enjoy the movie...

P/s. I am ok... Hehe... no worries!