Thursday, November 8, 2007

I play Tennis

Happy Deepavali to everyone!
Today is a fine day, although it rained in the morning. But that's good which make the weather very nice for some outdoor sport!

Today I meet my cell group's members to play tennis. This is actually my first time playing tennis and it was very hard to master unlike badminton everyone can pick up the racquet and start hitting the shuttlecock over the other side.

But for Tennis I find it very difficult! You can't use your wrist to much else it will hurt badly :( you must swing the racquet. For newbie like me, I always miss the ball or the ball I manage to catch can't go over to the other side...

Arg, I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to serve the ball over the other side... We played Tennis from morning around 11 till 2 in the afternoon then only we stop. Actually only I keep the ball rolling... They already went wash up around 1.

This is Timothy. He is a very funny guy. Every time he miss the ball he will say:" That was just warming up!" and he play tennis like doing Kung Fu style... very interesting! Every serve must do a pose!
This is Selena, too shy to take a photo. Actually she is trying to protect herself from being hit by the ball
aEdmund and Timothy, I forgot what are they doing because I was trying to take a picture while they are "in action" but shuttle speed too slow... missed!
There you go Edmund my cell group's leader. "Look" very energetic! LOL no offence just kidding... Just try to prove him. But I think he won't see this post...

Before we pack up and go, we actually see a bunch of kids playing "combat"(I don't know how to call this game) they were armed with guns and sensors. They were running all over the place to seek the opponent and try to take them down!

At first they were not going as one team but one of the instructor told them:"is better to stick together you know? So that you wont get kill so fast..." Then those kids immediately regroup and "Chiong" as one whole team... Haha...

I think this is fun next time got chance want to try paint gun! Should be pain and fun!

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