Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Widgets!

Hello... as you can notice, there are new thing at my side bar!

They are some slide show from Picasa and Flickr. Hehe hope you all enjoy those photo my friends took at China. Beside that the Flickr photo will refresh every times you all refresh my page.

Lately I think I had fever. Very tired all the time... Yesterday didn't make it for my morning class. Overslept! Then I continue sleep until 1:30p.m. then go to school for afternoon class.

Who know after i back from school around 5+p.m. i start to sleep again! until around 10p.m. I am so horrible... always sleep like that... I think I am turning into a Pig already! haha!!!!

These pigs are from China- Yang Xi

Hehe... don't know how to be more vigilant ah! But no worry... I sure can find a way! Muahaha...
By the way... now is early in the morning... still can't have the urge to sleep yet!! xP and outside is raining... which mean COLD for me...

ok enough... gonna go find something to fill my stomach because of the cold weather, my fats is burning FAST! Haha... some of you out there must be envy at me right? xD that's me!

Last but not least, a few German words for everyone!

Guten Tag!(Good day)
Ich heiβe(heisse) Eng Song Keat/ Mein Name ist Eng Song Keat (you can guess this one!)
Wie geth's?(how are you)
You should answer Gut! Danke(Good! Thank you!)

Ok that's all for today... Bye (Auf Wiedersehen/Tschüss)

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