Monday, November 5, 2007


Last Saturday went for a movie again with Kevin. Always we two go for movie. This time we watched Stardust. It was a nice movie with a good storyline.

It is a fairytale movie with lots of humor created by those death princes... You will know who i am referring after you watch it.

This movie has everything a fantasy movie should have, romance, clever witticisms, great acting and a fair dose of magic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was drawn to its original plot (based on the Neil Gaiman novel which I am now looking to read) and colorful characters.

One of the most striking things to me actually was how self contained the story is. Unlike so many sci-fi fantasy movies out there right now which leave open-endings and such this was a pure fairy-tale, satisfying in and of itself with no need for a sequel.

Original. Fun. Feel-good Fantasy.

Taken from User Comments at IMDb

And a trailer for everyone:

Ok I hungry now... is 12pm at school now... because can't online at home. No choice but to blog at school... Bye everyone Hope you all will enjoy the movie...

P/s. I am ok... Hehe... no worries!

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