Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away...

Awh... is raining AGAIN!!! But this time is different... very different! I have an umbrella from Mr Lee!

Two hours ago, when i was in my class... out of a sudden someone walk to behind of me and throw something at my bag. I was shocked... I cant even recognize who is he... (because i forgot to wear my spec to school today... and i was late by half hour...)

I left it at home....

After a few second then only i get back to myself and "discover" that he is Mr. Lee! Wah... really thanks you Mr. Lee for that umbrella and being so nice to me... and everyone!

The Name is green is the Mr. Lee i am referring to.

That umbrella really save me from my fever or what ever la.... from getting worse. Else... i will have to pay off my butt... to go see doctor liao... I don't like to see them... I will get worse if I am going to meet them... because you have to travel, then you have to Q, then you have to pay.... what... that will make half of you day...

This the prove... that it rain this afternoon just after i get this umbrella!

The umbrella Tag.

Look at the Tag... it read RainMaster... so i am the owner of this new umbrella... which make me Master of the RainMaster! HAhaha... Rain Rain next time I will not be afraid of YOU anymore!!!!! Muahahahahah!!! *evil laughter*

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