Saturday, December 8, 2007

I am on TV Show Again!

Hehe... its been long time since my last post!

Few weeks ago... I meet my cell group leader and members for a lunch at school canteen. Since my CG leader want to know out school more, so we take him to our school canteen 4...

our school have 5 canteens, 4 big 1 small.. where canteen 4 is the furtherest from the rest. which mean if i would like to go there from the blog that i usually at... it would take 10 ~ 15 mins of walk. it also have a nickname by out lecture... Sahara desert because it is located end of our campus
My campus map - i study at block 5 and 23 only... and the canteen is at block 43! use the scale.. you will know how far is there

ok lets continue with our main point!
When we reach there, everything was just fine... nothing special... as usual canteen 4, you mostly only try it Japanese Bento set. So quickly i went to Q up for the food... because all my friends are getting the same 1 as i do..

Woo.. so excited after i get 4 bento set! Wanna start digging my bento d...
Suddenly... some tv show camera crew came by... and do interview with us...
at 1st i thought there were just collecting data.. surely my scene will be cut away ... who know... it never... and that say i was so "sui bian" haven't cut my hair... even the camera man said... can you tidy up your hair... hahaha.. kinda embarrass but.. i am infamous of my thick skin... Waahaha

ok that the story... the outcome of that day... is at below... the scene where i took action was... in the part 2... around the 1st minute time!

Part 1

Part 2