Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally I'm Back With Internet Access!

I already told my land lady that I wanted to use the Internet access. Then she said you will have to pay $20 per month for using it. Last time I wouldn't have pay for it, I would simply crack their WiFi password. But for long run, I think is better for me to pay that amount.

So now... I am having 8Mbps broadband! Telling you, it is very fast!
You can download file at most 1MB/second! Which mean, you basically don't have to wait for pages to load up.

Last time when I was using the same line, the router was too old. It only serve up to 2Mbps of transfer rate among the network. If you requested more than 2Mbps, and put the router under stress... it will just hang and stop running... That is something you want to avoid.

With the new router, now i can fully enjoy the speed of 8Mbps! *winks*

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