Monday, April 28, 2008

Comfort ZONE = Sucide ZONE

I feel that many one of us are afraid of changing.

What I meant here is actually we deny the fact that everything is changing and they are changing at a very fast pace.

There is nothing permanent except change.
The only constant is change.
Change is the only constant.
Change alone is unchanging.
Yet the fact is there but we still denying it. Time to wake up everyone!

First thing since the first day you were born, you are living in a comfort zone. Thing remain not much changes until you don’t want to get out of it.

Why did I say so?
Do you dare to go for a backpack trip alone in Cambodia?
Do you want to go for work at some foreign country for >6months?
Do you dare go study oversea while you are financial inapplicable?

I am sure most of you will answer no because you will give yourself whole lot of reason. Or let say you are trying to be rational?

Some people are afraid of commitment because they feel that it stop them from doing their thing, feeling burden or being tie to something.
But they are just scare to craw out from their comfort zone because people always have this mind set “if can avoid, AVOID. If can hide, HIDE”

This kind of mind set will stop us from getting “far” in our life.

One of my lecture keep on emphasizing this word “Comfort zone” in the class.
He told us one of his theories.

“When you go to work, make sure you change your job every 3 years.”

This phrase shock most of the students and doesn’t sound convincing at all. But he further explains. He said if you would ever work in a same company for >10 years, your skill will be only in use with that company. If one day you were fired then you will have no place to go.

When you are 20+ 30+ you are afford to lose, to fail. But when you are 40+ you can’t really affort to lose a job. In order to be well prepared, we must always on a look out and stay away from our own comfort zone.

Remember when you are 30s you can’t get back to do thing that you can afford to do during your 20s. And don’t try to stay in your own comfort zone too long. Else you will be doomed.

Is just my oppinion


Colin Loh said...

I am absolutely agree with your lecturer and your opinion as well...

But to your surprise, if I am given a chance... Out of all those 3 questions you asked, I will answer YES for the first 2... The third one really have to think twice, hehe... Cause I am now overseas, so maybe know more about that gua... If you are financial imappliable, you still can survive as long as you got determination and work hard...

Hope you can get what I want to say, cause I myself also blur about what I said, hehe... Btw, is your youth expidition in Cambodia? Nice...I love it...

LostNoob said...

I went to Vietnam and China. but i do stop by Cambodia airport xD.

I dare say when I am still studying in SG, I don't have enough money to cover all my expenses. But infact i just spend 2000 SGD just on the so damn phone bill. F.y.i i only get 430sgd per month, and sometimes i don't really get it in time.

so i find that, money is not a fact that will always change your life, it is no an obstacle.

if you are determine enough, you will work hard in everything.

such as part time? academic?
just set a guide line for yourself.
for me, money and time will never be the something that stop me. although it still affect me. but i will still keep it coming. xD