Saturday, April 5, 2008


First time really do some cooking at Singapore! Thanks to my 2 new house mate.

Yesterday afternoon Shin Hun, Wan Ching and I went to courts to get a rice cooker... it cost us $50 but tell you all... it really worth the price!

Since we all just reach here, not yet train up our cooking skill so we decide to just prepare a ABC Soup... woo... is really fun!

Early in the morning we all get up early... First time in my SG life, that I wake up on my will at 6.30a.m. because I sleep really early the day before.

So... is still early, so I watched Sweeney Todd early in the morning...
That movie was great! I like the Music and the Killing too!! Haha... Evil Grin!

Around 9, everyone is ready for a trip to the market, we all walk there. As you know, the best transportation in SG is our both legs!

Fair Price here we come! We went there to get rice, salt, pepper, tomato, potato, onion, disc wash detergent, and a few things more, it all cost only $13. And is enough for us to eat 2 meal!

Follow on... is Market time... went there to get fish ball, bean curd, and koayteow! Then we head home....

Very tired, keep on walk and walk... next time should get a bicycle... (in dream)

Then... of course back home start cooking already!

Tok* tok* tok* cut vegetable is not done by me... I just have to boil the water... Haha...
ok skip the cooking part... because I am not really in it...

Finally the soup is ready to serve... Wow.. taste like my mom's soup...

and We 3 finish it... *huuuu... so damn full!

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