Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip Update! N much more

Hi everyone, the K.K trip will have follow changing.

Kota Kinabalu Trip
  • We will be taking MAS instead of AirAsia because MAS is have 0 Fair promotion. (thanks to Zaolon for providing me this precious info)
  • we will be taking the plane at KLIA
  • the date will be from 27Aug to 2 Sept
  • the air ticket price will be RM210 per person
  • accommodation will be RM20 per person per night. Total will be 6 night. So total of RM120
  • Getting up Mount. Kinabalu will be around RM90 for the entrance fees. Roughly there not too sure about it.
  • total will be around RM 500
Those who interested are welcome to contact me before 16 of May.

Next will be in this June 22.
Penang Bridge Run 2008
according to the gov website, the event will be held on June 22. But the registration is not yet open. Till it open more information will be posted.

This is for friends who are in Singapore that wish to go for this event.
You only have to pay for the Transport! Accommodation is FREE.
Which is my grandma house.
And you will get to taste the very BEST FOOD in MALAYSIA!
Do let me know if you are interested in this trip.

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What is Google Reader?
I shall keep you all posted with it in next update ya? Hehe.

And I shall now announce my new photo Blog which is also hosted at blogger @ sK. Experience with Photography which is very new for now. Will be posted with the photo that taken by me and tips for taking good photo which I had learn for many people.

Do give it a visit and leave me comments on my photo. The more critic the better!

Stay tune! Next update we will talk about GoogleReader! Is something that you won't want to miss in you blogging life!

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