Friday, June 27, 2008

Omg! Tomorrow I am having my Second Adventure Race!

Yeah... Tomorrow I am having my Adventure Race.
The distance is short about 12km but, it will take 2 hours to finish.
Of course my team mate and I would like to finish it in less than 2 hours and break our own previous record.

For the race we have to do many kinds of activities.
Such as:
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Navigating
  • Swimming
  • Solving Mystery Question
  • Do some funny stuff.
  • Abseiling
  • Traversing
Roughly about there... so is not an easy task!

Ok that's all for today's update. By the way I am having cold... Hope i recovered tomorrow morning. Have to sleep now. ZZZzzz....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tagged by XUAN

Is kinda long time ago since i reply my last tag. Ok... here it goes
  1. Real Name : Eng Song Keat
  2. Nick Name : Socket, Monkee, Lost/Lostnoob, (Freezer/FreezerFlame for online gaming)
  3. Married : in 8 years time maybe
  4. Male/Female : Male la!
  5. High School : Jit Sin High School
  6. College : Ngee Ann Polytechnic (graduating in <8>
  7. Short/Long Hair : spicky
  8. Health Freak? : some poeple call me paper tiger.... haha
  9. Height : 172cm
  10. Do you have a crush on someone? : No.
  11. Do you like yourself? : Yeah.. confident
  12. Piercings : none
  13. Righty/Lefty : righty


  14. First Surgery : extraction of wisdom tooth
  15. First activity comes to mind when hanging out : Cinema!
  16. First person you see in the morning : My room mate.
  17. First sport you joined : Forgot maybe high jump.
  18. First award : Forgotten.
  19. First pet : Fish then Hamster
  20. First crush : Secondary one.
  21. First handphone : Nokia 6670
  22. Eating : milk la
  23. Drinking : milk la
  24. I’m about to : Go for dinner maybe?
  25. Want kids : max 4
  26. Want to get married : of course!
  27. Careers in mind: young entrepreneur, Engineering in Electrical, web designer? and much more. talk without action is nothing.


  28. Lips/Eyes : Sparkling eyes!
  29. Hugs or Kisses : Big Bear Hug
  30. Shorter/Taller : Average
  31. Romantic/Spontaneous : Both
  32. Sensitive/Loud : sensitive
  33. Trouble maker/Hesitant : hesitant


  34. Kissed a stranger : no
  35. Drank bubbles : what is that?
  36. Lost glasses/contacts : i lost a few pairs of glasses!
  37. Ran away from home : i dont have to.
  38. Liked someone younger : yes
  39. Liked someone older : yes
  40. Broken someone’s heart : yes
  41. Been arrested : NO
  42. Cried when someone died : i think ya.
  43. Liked a friend : ya


  44. Yourself : sure do
  45. Miracles : yes
  46. Heaven : kinda
  47. Santa Claus : no
  48. Angels : ya bah?


  49. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Not really. is not the prefect time yet.
  50. Do you believe in god : i should answer yes but... cant
I don't really know who read my blog... so randomly i pick Colin, Angelia, and Joe

Woo... School starting soon!

Monday! another big day. Since i cant get back to Singapore tonight, I had to take a night ride back there on Sunday night already!

Sure gonna be very tired and miss Penang!

Yesterday night we all had the best gathering of all.... A lot of things to boom again! haha...
and thanks to LIYIN for a movie name "The Happening" is kinda horror and frighting... but yet still a nice movie.... just a little bit unexpected!

After a Havoc session at the OLD TOWN Coffee Shop, we took this pic together. Unluckily Shafinaz can't turn out as this is suppose to be her farewell gathering. But yet here we all wish her all the best!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Exam at 11am! But 2008 State Formation Competition in 14 JUN

Woo!! I am having exam at 11a.m. but I still can't sleep!!!
Grr!! Fustrated...
The 1st paper of the examination week!
Electrical Installation Design

Here I come!!!!

by the way, I still won't be posting much for now.
And I will be back at Penang at 14 morning because I am taking bus 13 night.

Most probably a few friends from my poly will be going back with me!
Kinda feeling excited!!

2008 State Formation Competition
14 JUN 2008

Lets join the fun!

All Ex-members! Do make yourself free on that day! We gonna rock the stadium or what ever it is! Rock it and Shake it!!!!!

It has been 3 years since we left JSPO! Lets cheer for them so that they will get the 5th victory in a row! Unbeatable Champion!

Jit Sin Hoh!
Jit Sin Hoh!
Jit Sin Pak Beh Toh!

Please practise this at home! For those who can't make it for the Live! Do leave me or any of our batch fren you PHONE number! Even if it is overseas! We will let you know the result as soon as it announce... is a live Broadcast! So don't forget to inform any of Us. (Us refere to me, Zaolon, Li Yin, Xin Yun and who ever you think he/she migh be in BM!)

The Mask Of Zorro!

Do find out where is the best place to cheer for them!

And please pray for them no matter is Guan Nim Ma, Guang Gong, Iahsoh, Alah or what ever! So that they are at their top again.

remember to keep saying 奇迹 because they need it a lot!
Ok that it's! Don't forget what I had mention ya!

  • Make youself free on 14 Jun!
  • Leave Us* your contact numbers if you are not in BM.
  • Practice our cheer at home, even if you are not comming.
  • Pray for the 奇迹
  • Make sure you complete the checklist!
OK! Anything feel free to contact me!
H/P: +65 9182 1341 (Singapore) ; +6012 5755737(Malaysia)

Sms is the best way since I will have a Prove that you make your part as an Ex-Mem of JSPO!