Thursday, July 31, 2008

My School Life

I been in NP for so long, but i hardly ever post any my school right? Now is the time that i post some of it!

That will my Control Automation Lecture. Low Thian Chai. In short is LTC stand for Love Tender and Care!
His lectures are the best I ever attended, although i still slept in his class sometimes. He applied a lots of humor when he is teaching.

This was taken when we were killing time... Multiple Exposure.

After that class would be our Lighting Technology Control - Presentation. While the photo below show a very interesting guy. The one who standing is Brandon! He is the King of vandalism! His hand is very itchy and never stop breaking things. School elevator is like he own it... He even can control it. Trust me... is real... He on and off it... like his. Better don't share the same lift with him. You might end up inside for hours.

While don't have a picture of myself, let me show you what we did for our presentation.

That's the the world largest fountain! Is located is Singapore Suntec City. Is call Fountain of Wealth. You need some extra money? Do come over here and maybe the water will fall on u... in Cantonese water = money!

next we have photo taken at our school canteen 2.
This is Andy!

He is the boss for the Sept wolves, and next we have the 2nd wolf coming. He is Jun Hua.

Actually I asked them to pose for me and they were cooperative!

Almost forget about our Dong Shi Zhang

There you go... busy working with his study! and maybe reading proposal!

And last night was a sleepless night which i had a weird and inspiring dream!
Is about i came up with new drama again. I am good at acting right? hope it came true! XD

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to old template with BIG PICTURE SPACE

At first was thinking of having two different blog, but i must focus! focus on one single blog will do... that is why you all still end up here.

the other photoblog will not be updated anymore since all my viewer already familiar with this address.

More to come so do visit here often!

BEST with with FireFox because Internet Explorer sux!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it Ah Dong?

Please click on the image above!

Yesterday Andy and I went by this advertisement. After reading this post from Jess Andy came out with a better idea.

Please scroll down

Is it me? By Ah Dong!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Race photo!

All the images were grab from my friend Jess's blog. Because i was running i can't be taking picture right? haha

I was looking back.. because someone fall down! By the way... i started late... because our group suppose to start as the final category but end up second... so... that's what happen when people are rushing! next time don't rush! Haha

This was our own prize presentation. there were the official one's but we preferred the unofficial. FYI when we were doing this, behind the lecture were the official prize presentation! Lol we rockz!
Yeap that's my medal! 3rd place!

The medals really shine!
Is not about what we get, is about how much we put our effort in it.

The training is hard... but i really enjoy it. Just now my friend say is sien to run around the track but i told him, it depend with who you are running with!

Come Beijing The Great Wall. I am waiting for you!
who else interested? Zaolon already give me his name! Chin Hou too! haha...

I got my 1st DSLR

I am so excited! NIKON D80 is my first DSLR that I own! Wow... i just bought it today as second hand. The price is so much cheaper and good thing is... is like totally new because the previous user rarely use it... the shuttle count was less than 8000! which mean.. this camera take less than 8000 photo!

Ok is time for me to produce some images!!! TO BE UPDATED SOON!
but that have to be when i am free to go shot some pics! stay tune!

Friday, July 25, 2008

2nd Medal in my NP life!

Yeap My second medal for my life in Ngee Ann Poly technic! Never knew i would be able to grab some medal in NP.

Yeah... that was Project Nutz 7 people relay competition. I wan in the Np student open... And i was the 1st runner!!! Woo hoo!!! Sept Wolves, We did it again!!!

Have a great dinner with them just now.. more photo on next post. Have to grab from my friends.

After one months of training, i made it! xD next week i will try to take down NAPFA test!
these day were so happy!! hehe.. thanks to you... made my day brighter!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Did anyone of you scroll to the bottom and find that, now the media player works in both FireFox and Internet Explore?
Further more it is now able to play more than 1 song! Do click on the next and listen to all the featured songs available in my blog.

If your downloading speed is slow, do give some patient OR you can download it by right click the track name and save it to your PC.

I love this song very much!!! Really keep on listening till I 走火入魔!
I hope everyone who listen to it will like it also.

Nowadays, more and more of our friends are starting their own blog. Do you guys really manage to catch up with all their updates?

Beside the post by our friends there are actually a lot of nice blog out there. But to keep our self update is really pain in the ass.

Come everyone try Google Reader and it is free and a really very powerful tools to help you keep track to your favorite blog site!

Trust me... it will make you life easier that you think!
If anyone of you got problem in how to use Google Reader, do leave me msg or comments. I will post a tutorial about how to use that READER!

Friday, July 11, 2008




你很清楚知道這樣對他不公平,但你沒辦法。為什麽在你未受傷害之前沒有遇上他? 為什麽在你對感情百分百投入的時候,沒有遇上他? 為什麽他偏偏在你不相信愛情的時候出現?


- quote 張小嫻,思念裡的流浪狗 -

Omg... just now xuan paste this for me in msn... Feel like i am pierce by an arrow... Nothing to say just... make me think a lot about myself.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Incredible SK

Hehe... saw my title?
I am not that incredible just a name given by my friend who called herself incredible M Gosh... who dare be so thick skin call themselves Incredible? LOL

Hmm... talk to quite a numbers of friends lately which seem like the last time was very long time ago. Of course got their recent update of their life and feel glad that everyone of them are enjoying themselves.

"There is a saying. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present."

A very nice quote from Master Oogui in Kung Fu Panda is you all can recall.
I think again I moved 1 step ahead in my life. I actually went to visit "her" blog yesterday, after chatting my the incredible M. I find that, is really time to put all the pass behind and move on. So went to check up her blog.

I find that she is really happy with her life now with her bf and studying law. If i am not wrong. so roughly about that.

Back to Incredible Sk life jounal.
Lately went for a lot of physical training because I am going to Kota Kinabalu in August! Is just 1 months + ahead! Really looking forward for it!
Having muscle ache... is really damn pain and feeling uneasy.
Sprinting training is really tough but I must do better to archive 2.4km in less than 11mins!
Arg! still strugling with it.

Other than doing some training, last Thursday I went for a blood donation. Now I become a regular Blood donator. Is my third time donating blood. Is really a good thing to do. Is good for ourself and further more we can help to save lives!

Sunday, went to airport because Jess is coming back from Shanghai after staying there for 4 months! The last time 7PL and S3S gather around was like N months ago till i can't remember it. Is glad to meet everyone of them and get some latest news from everyone.

Unexpected gift.
Souvenier from Jess, another "uniform" for 7PL and S3S. Thanks Jess... you always so Big Heart! Don't know how to pay you back! Are you trying to make 9 of us feeling guilty? Haha... looking forward for the dinner next week!

Lately got some weird feeling about myself. Can't really just do everything i like, like i use to be in the old times. Kinda think too much?
I wish I could just follow what my feeling telling me to do rather than being rasional or logical. Dilemma? Hmm... Nope i am not, just trow all those trouble aside. Since obtain = x Obtain.

What do I want in my life for now? Hope I know it A.S.A.P
Maybe I already know what i want, just that I dare not want it.
+U +U!

P/s: to xyun... since your thing were lost. Then let it be. I lost 1 motor 1 handphone and almost a laptop. XD so... let it be ba... :) want to see your Big Big smile again!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Second Place!

Out of the BLUE my team WON the second place in the Pinnacle Adventure Race under MEN category!

Really unexpected even when the organizer called me and told me that my team won the 1st Runner up!

Actually is because only 2 team in men category totally completed all the check point with YES marked!

And of course we are one of them! HEHE!!!

Did you guys see that my Race number is NM07?
When I went to China, my group actually have 7 guys and we actually name our self 七匹狼 and this 07 really was our lucky number to get into second place!

Yeah thanks to Big Wolf, Andy. He is the main support for me throughout the whole race!