Thursday, July 17, 2008


Did anyone of you scroll to the bottom and find that, now the media player works in both FireFox and Internet Explore?
Further more it is now able to play more than 1 song! Do click on the next and listen to all the featured songs available in my blog.

If your downloading speed is slow, do give some patient OR you can download it by right click the track name and save it to your PC.

I love this song very much!!! Really keep on listening till I 走火入魔!
I hope everyone who listen to it will like it also.

Nowadays, more and more of our friends are starting their own blog. Do you guys really manage to catch up with all their updates?

Beside the post by our friends there are actually a lot of nice blog out there. But to keep our self update is really pain in the ass.

Come everyone try Google Reader and it is free and a really very powerful tools to help you keep track to your favorite blog site!

Trust me... it will make you life easier that you think!
If anyone of you got problem in how to use Google Reader, do leave me msg or comments. I will post a tutorial about how to use that READER!

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