Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Incredible SK

Hehe... saw my title?
I am not that incredible just a name given by my friend who called herself incredible M Gosh... who dare be so thick skin call themselves Incredible? LOL

Hmm... talk to quite a numbers of friends lately which seem like the last time was very long time ago. Of course got their recent update of their life and feel glad that everyone of them are enjoying themselves.

"There is a saying. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present."

A very nice quote from Master Oogui in Kung Fu Panda is you all can recall.
I think again I moved 1 step ahead in my life. I actually went to visit "her" blog yesterday, after chatting my the incredible M. I find that, is really time to put all the pass behind and move on. So went to check up her blog.

I find that she is really happy with her life now with her bf and studying law. If i am not wrong. so roughly about that.

Back to Incredible Sk life jounal.
Lately went for a lot of physical training because I am going to Kota Kinabalu in August! Is just 1 months + ahead! Really looking forward for it!
Having muscle ache... is really damn pain and feeling uneasy.
Sprinting training is really tough but I must do better to archive 2.4km in less than 11mins!
Arg! still strugling with it.

Other than doing some training, last Thursday I went for a blood donation. Now I become a regular Blood donator. Is my third time donating blood. Is really a good thing to do. Is good for ourself and further more we can help to save lives!

Sunday, went to airport because Jess is coming back from Shanghai after staying there for 4 months! The last time 7PL and S3S gather around was like N months ago till i can't remember it. Is glad to meet everyone of them and get some latest news from everyone.

Unexpected gift.
Souvenier from Jess, another "uniform" for 7PL and S3S. Thanks Jess... you always so Big Heart! Don't know how to pay you back! Are you trying to make 9 of us feeling guilty? Haha... looking forward for the dinner next week!

Lately got some weird feeling about myself. Can't really just do everything i like, like i use to be in the old times. Kinda think too much?
I wish I could just follow what my feeling telling me to do rather than being rasional or logical. Dilemma? Hmm... Nope i am not, just trow all those trouble aside. Since obtain = x Obtain.

What do I want in my life for now? Hope I know it A.S.A.P
Maybe I already know what i want, just that I dare not want it.
+U +U!

P/s: to xyun... since your thing were lost. Then let it be. I lost 1 motor 1 handphone and almost a laptop. XD so... let it be ba... :) want to see your Big Big smile again!

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