Thursday, July 31, 2008

My School Life

I been in NP for so long, but i hardly ever post any my school right? Now is the time that i post some of it!

That will my Control Automation Lecture. Low Thian Chai. In short is LTC stand for Love Tender and Care!
His lectures are the best I ever attended, although i still slept in his class sometimes. He applied a lots of humor when he is teaching.

This was taken when we were killing time... Multiple Exposure.

After that class would be our Lighting Technology Control - Presentation. While the photo below show a very interesting guy. The one who standing is Brandon! He is the King of vandalism! His hand is very itchy and never stop breaking things. School elevator is like he own it... He even can control it. Trust me... is real... He on and off it... like his. Better don't share the same lift with him. You might end up inside for hours.

While don't have a picture of myself, let me show you what we did for our presentation.

That's the the world largest fountain! Is located is Singapore Suntec City. Is call Fountain of Wealth. You need some extra money? Do come over here and maybe the water will fall on u... in Cantonese water = money!

next we have photo taken at our school canteen 2.
This is Andy!

He is the boss for the Sept wolves, and next we have the 2nd wolf coming. He is Jun Hua.

Actually I asked them to pose for me and they were cooperative!

Almost forget about our Dong Shi Zhang

There you go... busy working with his study! and maybe reading proposal!

And last night was a sleepless night which i had a weird and inspiring dream!
Is about i came up with new drama again. I am good at acting right? hope it came true! XD

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