Saturday, July 26, 2008

Race photo!

All the images were grab from my friend Jess's blog. Because i was running i can't be taking picture right? haha

I was looking back.. because someone fall down! By the way... i started late... because our group suppose to start as the final category but end up second... so... that's what happen when people are rushing! next time don't rush! Haha

This was our own prize presentation. there were the official one's but we preferred the unofficial. FYI when we were doing this, behind the lecture were the official prize presentation! Lol we rockz!
Yeap that's my medal! 3rd place!

The medals really shine!
Is not about what we get, is about how much we put our effort in it.

The training is hard... but i really enjoy it. Just now my friend say is sien to run around the track but i told him, it depend with who you are running with!

Come Beijing The Great Wall. I am waiting for you!
who else interested? Zaolon already give me his name! Chin Hou too! haha...

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