Sunday, August 31, 2008

Picture and Feeling

I feel like i am like the boat...
It is free to go everywhere it want but it is yet being tied by a rope.
Will it be free from the rope? Is it being tied down by itself or other?
Sometimes we know that it is a mistake yet we still do it.
Why? Just to prove that it is a mistake?
I am sure it is. Else we will not say.. Damn I made a big mistake!

Ha ha... don't care so much. After one big round I am back to the same spot again.
But this time I am different. I know myself more than ever.

Do my best because the sky is so blue! make me feel lot more better!
Sometimes even if we know how things is going end, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride.

picture all from K.K

Saturday, August 30, 2008

4095.2M I made it!

Seriously I made it to the peak of Mountain Kinabalu!
Yeap... is the peak here!!! Woo.. tell you is freezing cold... Breathing here is also hard!! feeling like want to sing " I can't breath without you" muahaha... so damn F**king cold here... aspecially when the wind blow, you can't even feel your ears!

Ok that's the only photo for now, Tune Hotel internet is slow slow slow... uploading speed is like 12KB/s ? and the photo is 3MB is size! !@#$%^&* I give up uploading more photo for now...

P.s typing a sms at the peak is freaking hard! your fingers is numb and you can't make it with you gloves on... Chill!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday! My Final Exam!

Exam Fever is ongoing! Arg... sometimes study till headache.. what to do?
Snap some picture!!!
I guess they will tell how how fustrated i am.

i dont have remote control, so just using astimated focus point. appered to bit blur. >.<
Die you! lol is guitar.. not mechine gun...
  imitate Lomo photography photoshop. Actually lomo effect shouldn't be reproduce using photoshop because that will lose the meaning of Lomo photography. by the way.. i really like this photo. Gona try Lomo photography next time. is intersting!
this is the original version. Not so interesting right?
ok that's all for today. Exam here i come and there you go!!!!! 1 day left!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

EE Olympic Gathering

Thursday and Friday were the photo snaping session for me!
Is fun to snap so many photo for that two days. Althought is low light... is hard to get non-blur picture and correct expossure from there. Even the white balance is driving me crazy!
Always changing stage light is really a pain in the ass... end up using flourescent white balance.
ok... i cut the crap of here...

Lets start with the rehearsal day.
this was taken when i just came into the LT26. This is WenYang... lol.. make me confuse for a long long time... i though wenyang was my secondary classmate.. which is a guy..
she and her gang... always see them around the school.. same division.
Of course can't miss all the pretty girls right? Here they are... the are the performers for the modern dance.
This is our host... he is the main organizer for this even! Thumbs up! A very well done event put up by him and his friends for the whole ngee ann.
The lecture who behind all these... MR.Lee! He stay back late for the rehearsal and the actual gathering until very late... yesterday everything finish at 1am i guess.. and he is with us!

Wooo.... still more to go.. lets look into the actual gathering.
The ticket booth. hmm... as usual.. girl are in charge of seducing people to come it? haha...
Actually not just girl... like these 2 handsome people here... they are will be the MC for the night too! Watch out.. especially the guy with smaller eyes... Like korean stars... they all own You with smaller eyes.
Lol i like this one, although is a bit blur here... but... that face... haha.. FUnny!
These 2... is the EES president and vice president... who look like the president to you more?
hmm... what were they looking at?
the event start with Chinese orchestra drum solo... i dare to say... not enough preparation... sad..
the modern dance! May the light shine upon her!
the choir! They sang very well! feel like want to join them! too bad i am the photographer!
This is Mr.Koh. our EE department director... he is the boss... just listen to what ever he is going to say. Those people who always fail ee subject... very familiar with him...
sorry, my bad.... a blur picture. that show how fast the pass the torch before the music stopped.
people were trying to get rite of the torch while she is the one who hogging it!
Jason here... suppose there were 2 mc... but.. he... stolen their job.. he read the question and answer it himself... trowing the mc face... haha..
know the answer to this question? I bet you don't know... amusingly all the chinese here.. almost all of them know the gold medalist in china... shocked.
i wish i know who won gold medal for Malaysia...
Everything came to an end.. they were the hero for the sucess of the gathering. Well done everyone!
Again.. another take... better one...!
Click below for the whole album. Is available for download in batch.
Ok that's all for the update... it sure take times to load....
EE Olympic Rehearsal & Gathering

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Was going for a movie yesterday but then...

Yesterday I actually wanted to go for a movie at orchard but then i forgotten that i promise my friend chong to help him with his final year project! Omg... I really have a stm (short term memory). So after i woke up, i called him and take a quick shower and go to school to help him.

That was the early part. After that we went for dinner, which he treated me chicken chop... mmm... yum yum! Then we went back to school.

On my way to the gate, i meet my friend police, alvin jingmian and 1 more i forgotten his name. so they ask me where am i going?

me: I am on my way to orchard for a movie.

they: you going there with who?

me: Oh, i going there alone.

They: Don't go today, we go watch it on wednesday together. want?

me: oh really? ok then we go watch on thursday.

so i turn my back on then prepare to walk.

they: where are u going now?

me: i am going home! Since not going for a movie already!


End up we stay at the library and i help them with their VI project... which they have to hand in today! Oh my... buddha "leg hogger"! Haha.. but their concept is good!

ok Np library got a cafe inside which Kok Meng aka police treated me each a cup! and a hot dog! wooo thanks to him again!

Haha... i am honor to take this series of pic, because i promise to help him if he let me snap the way he eat the hot dog! He is a very cute guy!

see the way he laught? Really let me wonder what did they laught about... didnt even invite me!

This is police. He is a poser! everytime see a camere pointing at him... sure came up with funny and weird pose. Thanks to him, i got a free drinks and hot dog for my extra dinner!

Last, mischievous Chong always do something that u would like to smack his head.Wonder what were they drawing right? haha... let have a closer look below

Lol... i chosen a blury picture because is NR-16 and is not nice to shown it here... u can ask from me personally if u are interested in 2D nudity picture. They even modified it with some real fur at the.... ok i stop here... Enjoy!