Saturday, August 30, 2008

4095.2M I made it!

Seriously I made it to the peak of Mountain Kinabalu!
Yeap... is the peak here!!! Woo.. tell you is freezing cold... Breathing here is also hard!! feeling like want to sing " I can't breath without you" muahaha... so damn F**king cold here... aspecially when the wind blow, you can't even feel your ears!

Ok that's the only photo for now, Tune Hotel internet is slow slow slow... uploading speed is like 12KB/s ? and the photo is 3MB is size! !@#$%^&* I give up uploading more photo for now...

P.s typing a sms at the peak is freaking hard! your fingers is numb and you can't make it with you gloves on... Chill!

1 comment:

bluejazz said...

I will be there next year...hah!!