Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday! My Final Exam!

Exam Fever is ongoing! Arg... sometimes study till headache.. what to do?
Snap some picture!!!
I guess they will tell how how fustrated i am.

i dont have remote control, so just using astimated focus point. appered to bit blur. >.<
Die you! lol is guitar.. not mechine gun...
  imitate Lomo photography photoshop. Actually lomo effect shouldn't be reproduce using photoshop because that will lose the meaning of Lomo photography. by the way.. i really like this photo. Gona try Lomo photography next time. is intersting!
this is the original version. Not so interesting right?
ok that's all for today. Exam here i come and there you go!!!!! 1 day left!


Falcon said...

I feel for you BRO!!! i feel like jumping of the roof...

fong yee said...

wow~the last photo looked really nice.
I wish to own a lomo-cam too.
love lomography too. ^^