Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Was going for a movie yesterday but then...

Yesterday I actually wanted to go for a movie at orchard but then i forgotten that i promise my friend chong to help him with his final year project! Omg... I really have a stm (short term memory). So after i woke up, i called him and take a quick shower and go to school to help him.

That was the early part. After that we went for dinner, which he treated me chicken chop... mmm... yum yum! Then we went back to school.

On my way to the gate, i meet my friend police, alvin jingmian and 1 more i forgotten his name. so they ask me where am i going?

me: I am on my way to orchard for a movie.

they: you going there with who?

me: Oh, i going there alone.

They: Don't go today, we go watch it on wednesday together. want?

me: oh really? ok then we go watch on thursday.

so i turn my back on then prepare to walk.

they: where are u going now?

me: i am going home! Since not going for a movie already!


End up we stay at the library and i help them with their VI project... which they have to hand in today! Oh my... buddha "leg hogger"! Haha.. but their concept is good!

ok Np library got a cafe inside which Kok Meng aka police treated me each a cup! and a hot dog! wooo thanks to him again!

Haha... i am honor to take this series of pic, because i promise to help him if he let me snap the way he eat the hot dog! He is a very cute guy!

see the way he laught? Really let me wonder what did they laught about... didnt even invite me!

This is police. He is a poser! everytime see a camere pointing at him... sure came up with funny and weird pose. Thanks to him, i got a free drinks and hot dog for my extra dinner!

Last, mischievous Chong always do something that u would like to smack his head.Wonder what were they drawing right? haha... let have a closer look below

Lol... i chosen a blury picture because is NR-16 and is not nice to shown it here... u can ask from me personally if u are interested in 2D nudity picture. They even modified it with some real fur at the.... ok i stop here... Enjoy!

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