Sunday, September 28, 2008

You All Had One Of The Greatest Night! While I Had One Of My Greatest Day Too

In response to all my best friend that went to Clubbing, I guess I am bless for not being selfish... (the camera) as long as you all are happy I am happy too. Plus me myself had one of my greatest day in my life too... TODAY, This morning!

I want to go for clubbing many many times d... but... starfish reason bah... so didn't happen at all. I do miss the chance that u all had a great night, but I am Happy for everyone of you too! I am sure it is so damn happening and it can't explain by words!

Early this morning when I woke up, I was in surprise when Xyun told me Zaolon went clubbing with Liyin, Cong Hong and Weng Feng as well as my dearest Nikon D80. Xyun was so high and said she had a great clubbing experience! I remember when i woke up that time was around morning 6+ while the message i receive was 4++ am.

Well next clubbing make it happen at Singapore ok? I WANT TO GO THERE! but... prepare a cab for me... i will get drunk for sure... haha... I had a bad experience of drinking 3 bottle of Baron each with JunRun. Lucky he send me home... hahaha...

Well I can't really express how I feel too for today is just beyond words can express. Had a great time even though just talking with her and is really great to know her.

Everyday is Happy Happy Happy and Happy continuously. Is joy in my life! Even though working is tired... I enjoy it!

Let's all have joy and treasure everyday in our life!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Night In UTM

Last Saturday as soon as I finish my work, I took my company to Woodlands and straight go over to City Square to meet Zaolon. We had a great time at last weekend as I went over to his hostel and stay there for one night! Woot! First time to experience the life in University Hostel for 2 days and one night!
We had a long talk at McD and lunch there, but his friend having 50% discount at Kim Gary!!! Fast fast chiong there...
Well I ordered a drink which was RM4.50 and it turn out to be just 1 bottle of sprite and some aloe vera....
That time Zaolon said his school one can of Sprite cost only RM1.30
I was so damn "Tui" that time... but when I saw his dessert... I felt much more better... Is a Ice Kacang that cost him 4.50 while with only minimum topping of red bean.... Haha.... well is a 50% discount... so.. 1/2 the prices...
Never get enough! Before we go, we still buy Sundays from McD and get a small fries for free... no need explain... eat!!!
At night, we meet up with Zing Yi! We got a free ride that night because her bf was driving us! yum yum never get enough! It was just awhile ago when we had our lunch and tea...
Eat all the way we can... f.y.i Zaolon said he rarely eat so much in his Uni and he normally only take Biscuit and Milo and he still can't slim down!
So we all laugh because he was taking all fattening products!

I even made this one.
I like it so much!! Makan Makan!! it is even available as my msn Emotion Icon!

Ok Let continue! There are more to come...
Zaolon really have a lot of expression. From Happy to Sad. Joy to Emo... he can do all in one man show! Let's take a look at more of his Expression!

Don't lose any chance to pose while you can. You will not know when will be the next time for you to pose again. xD you should interpreted in other situation too.
Looking far beyond what you can see... That is his vision.
Any one here buying insurance??? Look for him please! Who else to believe??

See that green thing...? that's my original Rm 4.50 drink with sprite... xD and did you notice we point one intead of two? that's JSPO sign! No. 1

Next is Zing Yi... wonder should i post it? Zaolon said.. if i post it... traffic to my blog might drop to zero! I don't want that to happen! xD JKJK.

She is shy so not gonna put much of here picture here... I scare next time I see here i might lost one of my hand... blue black...
That's an example of why you will get blue black and is totally not fun.. Don't ever try this at home.

Must thanks Zaolon very much for causing him to spend so much in one weekend... well after he back from Raya holidays... that will be my turn then...! xD come... next trip will be Singapore's food!

Jazz... So sorry ah... Malaysia food still the best right?? haha... because most of it... is only available Penang.. while western food... there are too many western restaurant d.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 6 - Islands Hopping Trip!

This islands hopping trip is one of the best day I ever had in Kota Kinabalu! We visited 2 island Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik.The water here is very clear and have a lot of fishes in it!

*I haven't been to Redang or Tioman before and really wish to go there too!

We were heading toward the port!
See the banana boat? Yeah... I ride it! totally COOL!
There we go! About 20 mins ride in the boat!
The wind is really blowing all your thoughts away...

Just have to be patient and wait... eventually we arrived at the Pulan Manukan! time to rock the Island!

First thing we do is look into the sea at the port and we were really amazed by the crystal clear water. Lol after you been seeing the water at Batu Ferringi, totally that should be called muddy water!

I smell something fishy!

Expected right? Blue sky! Dramatic Clouds! and wide sea side! That's Kota Kinabalu!

Time to go for swimming!
Because I was at the sea most of the time.. so no photo about it.
We share the snorkelling gear and we did see fishes and coral reefs!
Because the water is not as clear as Tioman (review from my friends) but is enough to see them!

Those we went for the 2005 stay at the beach, do you remember what is this?
Just that this time is not me... and it was more construction work...
Tada! Is my friend Wee Meng! He got breast tumor.... T_T

Now You Still Can See Him! Behold! With the snorkelling goggle! He is no where to be found.
This Ang Mo was so curious on what I am constructing, so he came over and stuck his finger at the pipe there! Poor Wee Meng... Huo Gai!
ZhengZhengZheng! Sandman!

Well after this we pack up and head for the second island! But before that...

More of it at my picasa album!
For the second island, my friends and I went for the banana boat in the middle of the ocean! (Is it call ocean?)
Because these surrounding of the island is Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and is protected. So in order to play BANANA BOAT the boat bring us far far away... to do it... and is totally cool! Lol.. I can't really express the feeling and experience in words...
Before we leave the Pulau Mamutik, I snap few more... f.y.i the water here is much more clearer! And more fishes!
Like I said even if we all good thins will came to an end, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride!
Next post will be the last entry of the trip which is the evening of my day 6.

Next trip! where to go??? Tasmania!!
Hope I can make it while i still can keep up with my insane schedule!
I just applied for NUS part time Mechanical Engineering! Hope it get it...!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where are you!!!!! Please Come BACK!

Damn!Where are you? Why are you hiding from me?

I try to look for you everywhere I can but you are no where to be found!

For those who took it... I curse you! Is just a F**king Shaver!
What the hell is wrong with you? Shaver also no money to buy? @ss Hole!

Do put it back where it was! I need it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This afternoon Shaw Chian meet up with me at Vivo City. This is the first time I went to Vivo City after been here since 2006! Even some of my friend said I am like the Katak under the Well.

Ok now I am not any more... but still one place I haven't been to. SENTOSA! Ok this one I shall K.I.V first, wait for you all to come over Singapore then we(JSPO EX-Mem) can all go together right?

My stomach is one straight line to the bottom, so first thing I would do sure is EAT! Which I never miss it!

Today I decided to treat myself something nice! Well spend money really can make you happy... this mean that Happiness Money CAN Buy. LoL... kidding.

This "brotzeit" is a Germany Restaurant and the dishes they server here mostly were bratwurst which mean sausage is English. They also server beers from Germany so Chian and  I each grab a glass.

I think I am really not good with alcohol, everytime I take alcohol drinks I will feel headache at first. But the more I drink the better I feel and the end I will end up drunk. Yet I am sure I can drink a lot because everything that goes in sure come out straight away!

It taste real nice!
I forgot what the dish call but it tasted real good. The vege in yellow colour taste a bit weird but when I it together with the sausage and the Geman mustard sauce, it taste really nice. This dish cost around SGD 16. *Update this dish is call Nürnberger
This was Chian dish, his sausage was made with mutton. My dish got 5 his one got 4!
As you see in the photo, I always eat in this manner. Watch Out! *Update this is called Lammwurst
Real Big and Juicy Mutton Sausage! Yum Yum! Come over Singapore and I shall treat you a decent meal!

Day 5 - Walk around in Kota Kinabalu!

Today is a short day as only me and my mom went walking around this small town of Kota Kinabalu. We really walk for a long distance. From The main town of Kota Kinabalu to the Airport! If you been there you will know how far it was! It took hours to reach there.
LoL my mom like to walk and I don't feel like getting a bus so we walk! As we walk we pass by Sutera Harbour Resort which is also a golf club i believe.
As we were walking towards the airport more and more aeroplane were visible when they flew across the blue sky.

Here is another one, the airport is just about 1 km away from me.
After long walk finally we reach the beach. I don't remember what is this place call but we didn't plan for it. 
A very short entry. More photo do click here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 4 at Kota Kinabalu - Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Ok the post was Merdeka Day but I did get to participate in the perade... Because I don't know where was it! That day was Sunday, at KK there is a very special market where it only happens on Sunday Morning is call Gaya Sunday Market at Gaya Street.

Again we were there late because the delay of the shuttle bus... when we get there is were about time to close already.

That's Harry because he is very hairy... his name also call Mao Mao...

Some kids here actually just took off everything and dive into the sea for a cooling under the hot weather!

From the commercial, you can live just with Coca-Cola! Hell yea... You will die of diabetic
Reflection on the shell. Is very beautiful! 
Things that is very common at this place would be the handicraf. Is very unique and pretty but is a little bit too expensive.
 My friend actually bought one of this.
This is the KiamHU! A lot of dried stuff and the smell also stink.. Yet it is tasty!
Next we took a boat ride to the nearest island.
If i didn't get it wrong it would be called Pulau Pasir Putih.
This is why Sabah is called Tanah Di Bawah Baya - which mean the land under the wind.
The sky is really breath taking. You really can spend your whole day sit there and look at the sky is very dramatic.
The sky, the sea, and the plane!
Get more of the picture here.