Sunday, September 14, 2008


This afternoon Shaw Chian meet up with me at Vivo City. This is the first time I went to Vivo City after been here since 2006! Even some of my friend said I am like the Katak under the Well.

Ok now I am not any more... but still one place I haven't been to. SENTOSA! Ok this one I shall K.I.V first, wait for you all to come over Singapore then we(JSPO EX-Mem) can all go together right?

My stomach is one straight line to the bottom, so first thing I would do sure is EAT! Which I never miss it!

Today I decided to treat myself something nice! Well spend money really can make you happy... this mean that Happiness Money CAN Buy. LoL... kidding.

This "brotzeit" is a Germany Restaurant and the dishes they server here mostly were bratwurst which mean sausage is English. They also server beers from Germany so Chian and  I each grab a glass.

I think I am really not good with alcohol, everytime I take alcohol drinks I will feel headache at first. But the more I drink the better I feel and the end I will end up drunk. Yet I am sure I can drink a lot because everything that goes in sure come out straight away!

It taste real nice!
I forgot what the dish call but it tasted real good. The vege in yellow colour taste a bit weird but when I it together with the sausage and the Geman mustard sauce, it taste really nice. This dish cost around SGD 16. *Update this dish is call Nürnberger
This was Chian dish, his sausage was made with mutton. My dish got 5 his one got 4!
As you see in the photo, I always eat in this manner. Watch Out! *Update this is called Lammwurst
Real Big and Juicy Mutton Sausage! Yum Yum! Come over Singapore and I shall treat you a decent meal!


bluejazz said...

NICE food...i can't wait to go to Singapore d...

Mei-Wah said...

ehem ehem, if i go Singapore, you will treat me decent meal? :) if yes, i will book the next air/bus ticket! :)

Colinloh890208 said...

I knew it should be a German Restaurant when I saw the menu written "brotzeit" literally translate to bread time, waahaha...
Ich liebe Bratwurst und Sauerkrauft, yummy yummy... Thank God here in Melbourne also got one very very popular Bratwurst Shop, hehe... Next time I go to S'pore you should bring me there,ok?

LucasLost said...

now i know that it mean bread time! when u come sg... bill on me..!!

lol u all dont come together... will burn my pocket!