Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 3 At Kota Kinabalu

Is time for me to continue my trip blog.

Today is nothing special about today all is about shopping at the 1Bornoe Shopping Complex and the only and the largest lifestyle Shoppong Mall available in whole Sabah.

But there are a lot of nice photo to see here. Actually camera is not allowed. xD

I been walking around the shop with my camera... this is the Japan stuff store... forgotten what it call already and it have a lots of cute stuff.

Oh this is me... Haha... Not for sales is a decoration for some store...

when you are shoping, you sure get hungry very easy... At least for me... feeling hungry all the comp... should have chew my laptop....
This is from Fish & Co.

What a supprise, today Gary Cao is coming over to 1Bornoe for autography session because he will be performing for the Merdeka countdown tonight but I didn't went there because we only have 4 tickets and I let me mom go. My legs were sore after the Mt. terrible... xD

As you know all these kinda activities is such a drag. They never follow the schedule... never... always late and talk a lot of crap. This guy here... talk for half an hour i think... and the session should start at.. one hour ago... but I don't see Gary here...

And finally he came... wait till my hair also turn white d...

That's him... the day before he was having rehearsal till very late... I guess as a result he got panda eyes so need a big huge glasses to cover it up! >_<

My friend actually bought his album on the spot and get his autograph there! Cool!
That's all for this short post.

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