Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 4 at Kota Kinabalu - Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Ok the post was Merdeka Day but I did get to participate in the perade... Because I don't know where was it! That day was Sunday, at KK there is a very special market where it only happens on Sunday Morning is call Gaya Sunday Market at Gaya Street.

Again we were there late because the delay of the shuttle bus... when we get there is were about time to close already.

That's Harry because he is very hairy... his name also call Mao Mao...

Some kids here actually just took off everything and dive into the sea for a cooling under the hot weather!

From the commercial, you can live just with Coca-Cola! Hell yea... You will die of diabetic
Reflection on the shell. Is very beautiful! 
Things that is very common at this place would be the handicraf. Is very unique and pretty but is a little bit too expensive.
 My friend actually bought one of this.
This is the KiamHU! A lot of dried stuff and the smell also stink.. Yet it is tasty!
Next we took a boat ride to the nearest island.
If i didn't get it wrong it would be called Pulau Pasir Putih.
This is why Sabah is called Tanah Di Bawah Baya - which mean the land under the wind.
The sky is really breath taking. You really can spend your whole day sit there and look at the sky is very dramatic.
The sky, the sea, and the plane!
Get more of the picture here.


bluejazz said...

Like the "The hand in the sea"..."The clouds and sky", "The sky, the sea, and the plane!", "The children"...exceptionally...

The world is too big...sometimes...its nice to see the world from others' eyes...

LucasLost said...

i cant wait to have my chance to really go out from here... see the B I G picture!