Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 6 - Islands Hopping Trip!

This islands hopping trip is one of the best day I ever had in Kota Kinabalu! We visited 2 island Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik.The water here is very clear and have a lot of fishes in it!

*I haven't been to Redang or Tioman before and really wish to go there too!

We were heading toward the port!
See the banana boat? Yeah... I ride it! totally COOL!
There we go! About 20 mins ride in the boat!
The wind is really blowing all your thoughts away...

Just have to be patient and wait... eventually we arrived at the Pulan Manukan! time to rock the Island!

First thing we do is look into the sea at the port and we were really amazed by the crystal clear water. Lol after you been seeing the water at Batu Ferringi, totally that should be called muddy water!

I smell something fishy!

Expected right? Blue sky! Dramatic Clouds! and wide sea side! That's Kota Kinabalu!

Time to go for swimming!
Because I was at the sea most of the time.. so no photo about it.
We share the snorkelling gear and we did see fishes and coral reefs!
Because the water is not as clear as Tioman (review from my friends) but is enough to see them!

Those we went for the 2005 stay at the beach, do you remember what is this?
Just that this time is not me... and it was more construction work...
Tada! Is my friend Wee Meng! He got breast tumor.... T_T

Now You Still Can See Him! Behold! With the snorkelling goggle! He is no where to be found.
This Ang Mo was so curious on what I am constructing, so he came over and stuck his finger at the pipe there! Poor Wee Meng... Huo Gai!
ZhengZhengZheng! Sandman!

Well after this we pack up and head for the second island! But before that...

More of it at my picasa album!
For the second island, my friends and I went for the banana boat in the middle of the ocean! (Is it call ocean?)
Because these surrounding of the island is Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and is protected. So in order to play BANANA BOAT the boat bring us far far away... to do it... and is totally cool! Lol.. I can't really express the feeling and experience in words...
Before we leave the Pulau Mamutik, I snap few more... f.y.i the water here is much more clearer! And more fishes!
Like I said even if we all good thins will came to an end, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride!
Next post will be the last entry of the trip which is the evening of my day 6.

Next trip! where to go??? Tasmania!!
Hope I can make it while i still can keep up with my insane schedule!
I just applied for NUS part time Mechanical Engineering! Hope it get it...!


bluejazz said...

There really are a lot of fishes...

Man...i really wanna try banana boat!! i have heard so much and seen so many times...juz didn't get the chance to try...

Good luck in obtaining your Mechanical Engineering Degree!!

LZ said...

Nice nice photos..pity your friend hhahah..was buried completely! XD

Ellie_pi said...

NICE SCENERY...Tioman is really beyong my expectation...

yan ying said...

seem like so fun!!!
i want to follow you the next time!~ haha=D

Mei-Wah said...

wow~~~ the pictures you took are amazingly beautiful! :)

eh, you didn't go to Pulau Sapi? there is equally beautiful too~