Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gunung Kinabalu - Day 1

OK here is the Timpohon Trail Gate! Group picture! Is me, Andy, my mom, Harry and Wee Meng (From left to right)
This is the starting point where all hiker that took Timpohon trail will have to pass through.
That's me with the ID given by the Kinabalu Park.
F.Y.I > Local have to pay RM30 while foreigner have to pay RM100 for the hiking. >.
Overall the trail is rocky and get muddy when it rains here.
This is just the starting 0.5KM we have to do 6KM to Laban Rata Rest house and continue the peak trail in morning 2a.m.

Those where some of the intersting grass and flower that you can find along the trail.
This is one of the porter! See what is at his back? I see this guy twice! once on the way up! and once on the way down! both day he is carrying the same thing! And he is way too fast!

Following will be some interesting landscape you can see alond the trail.

Does this look like Jurassic Park to you?
Actually is because we were about 2000m from the sea level. The water vapour here were condensed into fog! When the fog meet the tree leaves it will become water and fall as rain here. I think that's why it is call RAIN Forest... xD
Teaser! Lol.. make us more energetic to climb faster to reach for the top!
This is a rocky mountain! Really Rocky and it rocks!
We were blessed! Because the weather was so good today! On our way down, the fog so so thick... that you can only see the trail in front of you.
Dramatic sky!
Sea of Mountain and Deep Blue Sky...
This is Matt! We meet because we were fighting for not reaching Laban Rata Last! Very interesting Guy! and his friend Jay. Both from M.U.
Just the cloud make you feel great! Is hard to see it over at Peninsular Malaysia.
This is Jay a bigger one comming when u scroll down.
Lol he look like just being punch by people right middle at his nose! Actually that is to open up your nostril and help you breath.
A panorama view at a the helipad. Is so grand.
Is 5.5km now! 0.5km then i will reach my rest house and the end for day one trail. Tiring day!

sunset is coming! that the time where i rush up my final 0.5KM to the rest house
Too bad the sun is block by all the cloud... only the color is available here.

That the end for day one! Is 7 degree at around 6p.m. when i reach Laban Rata Rest house for my dinner!
is so cold... that you start shivering when u get out from the rest house.
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bluejazz said...

Beautiful pictures...

I exceptionally like the sky...clouds...mountain...just magnificient!!

Keep up the good work!

LucasLost said...

let me know when u have trip to kk... keep me on ur list.. although my schedule will be pack next year... work work... xD