Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gunung Kinabalu - Day 2

This is the starry night for the second day trail to the peak. You have to wake up 2a.m in the morning!!! At the night is so cold that you can't really sleep well and the air is so thin that it cause altitude sickness.

I experienced several headache when I woke up. So I took a panadol and all the pain just gone.
On the way up there is nothing to snap as is totally dark. You have to rely on torch light to see your finger!
The temperature is seriously very very cold especially when the wind blows you will have goose bumps all over your face.

This is the picture I took as soon as I reached the peak! Did you notice the crescent moon at the conner?

I snapped 2 of myself. This is the second version. Because the focal lenght is long so i am blurry as it cant focus well and if my hand would have slipped the camera would have fall into abyss.

Lets fast forward a bit because in low light is hard for my camera to take pretty picture. As the ISO goes up so does the noise.

Soon the sun rised and it allowed me to took a photo of my mom.

There come the sunrise!
The cloud is so thick that you can't even manage to see the sun from the peak... >.

Landscape view after the sun had risen.
Those cloud at SABAH not just the peak... is totally amusing and magnificent!

Time for group photo! Taken by Jay!
Do you see the shadow of the mountain fall upon the mountains itself?

This is me... maybe is too cold that my emotion was freezed! as you can see the sun is on my right should... totally wash out half of my face. XD
This is the route down.

Mostly this post will be photo after photo because a photo worth a million words! Nah... is just it help me say what ever I am feeling at that particular moment. Is GREAT.

This will be the last photo that I will be posting here.
For more of the picture you can browse it here at my Picasa Web album

Personal thought...
Thanks very much for the comments I received. It will keep me up and take more photo!
Nikkor Prime lens 50mm 1.4f will be my next lens to get! Can't wait to have it...

My attachment at Keppel Singmarine will start next Monday and I will not be stay up till late any more! Because the company bus is here at 6.15a.m. in the morning and I can't afford to miss it or late at work else I will be fired!
That means I will have to wake up before 5 o'clock and wash up. Go out have my breakfast and head to work. Hmm... this will be my life for the pass 3.5 years to come.
That's life! After finish my contract for sure I would try my best to get myself Europe and study there! All the best to me!

Yet still far, that's my thought for now not thinking about those stuff just want to get my stomach fill.... I am so damn hungry all the time... Is it my problems?
now is 5 and I just had my lunch at 2.
What to do? >.<

It's not the size of what you do for someone that counts.
What really matters are your feelings for them.


bluejazz said...

I am really amazed by the pictures...relli magnificient...beyond words...

That was a dream came true for u...

Keep it up...u have great future ahead of u...

LucasLost said...

same to u right? i am half year older than you only... xD