Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Night In UTM

Last Saturday as soon as I finish my work, I took my company to Woodlands and straight go over to City Square to meet Zaolon. We had a great time at last weekend as I went over to his hostel and stay there for one night! Woot! First time to experience the life in University Hostel for 2 days and one night!
We had a long talk at McD and lunch there, but his friend having 50% discount at Kim Gary!!! Fast fast chiong there...
Well I ordered a drink which was RM4.50 and it turn out to be just 1 bottle of sprite and some aloe vera....
That time Zaolon said his school one can of Sprite cost only RM1.30
I was so damn "Tui" that time... but when I saw his dessert... I felt much more better... Is a Ice Kacang that cost him 4.50 while with only minimum topping of red bean.... Haha.... well is a 50% discount... so.. 1/2 the prices...
Never get enough! Before we go, we still buy Sundays from McD and get a small fries for free... no need explain... eat!!!
At night, we meet up with Zing Yi! We got a free ride that night because her bf was driving us! yum yum never get enough! It was just awhile ago when we had our lunch and tea...
Eat all the way we can... f.y.i Zaolon said he rarely eat so much in his Uni and he normally only take Biscuit and Milo and he still can't slim down!
So we all laugh because he was taking all fattening products!

I even made this one.
I like it so much!! Makan Makan!! it is even available as my msn Emotion Icon!

Ok Let continue! There are more to come...
Zaolon really have a lot of expression. From Happy to Sad. Joy to Emo... he can do all in one man show! Let's take a look at more of his Expression!

Don't lose any chance to pose while you can. You will not know when will be the next time for you to pose again. xD you should interpreted in other situation too.
Looking far beyond what you can see... That is his vision.
Any one here buying insurance??? Look for him please! Who else to believe??

See that green thing...? that's my original Rm 4.50 drink with sprite... xD and did you notice we point one intead of two? that's JSPO sign! No. 1

Next is Zing Yi... wonder should i post it? Zaolon said.. if i post it... traffic to my blog might drop to zero! I don't want that to happen! xD JKJK.

She is shy so not gonna put much of here picture here... I scare next time I see here i might lost one of my hand... blue black...
That's an example of why you will get blue black and is totally not fun.. Don't ever try this at home.

Must thanks Zaolon very much for causing him to spend so much in one weekend... well after he back from Raya holidays... that will be my turn then...! xD come... next trip will be Singapore's food!

Jazz... So sorry ah... Malaysia food still the best right?? haha... because most of it... is only available Penang.. while western food... there are too many western restaurant d.


bluejazz said...

Haha...tat zao lon eating ais-kacang was really funny...

Man...everything in your blog was all about food...just made me even missed malaysian food...haiz...

Glad to hear u had great times wif frenz...

Fallen said...

the last part de ais kacang really nice
far better than kim gary's
when u back mas
got time come over my uni la

housefly said...

previous blog : friend murderer!!!
the last pic would make a very nice desktop display=)
i didnt know that our batu ferringi is so polluted until i see your pictures.
tasmania! is that in oz?
best of lucks with NUSpart time ME appli!!!

aw so nice reunion just across the sg-johor bridge^^(utm is in johor rite?)