Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reports, Reports, Reports And BLOG!

Now onwards, I have to write a short report regarding what I do everyday and I really have no ideas on what to write!
I am on Project Department which mean this department is totally in charge of the shipbuilding schedule.
and you know what? They build the whole thing with metal from nothing into 1 whole ship! Is a big one about 150meters!
OK back to crap. Not just daily report, I still have to summit Monthly report to my supervisor!
That just not enough, still bi-monthly report to my school!
School still need me to BLOG about my attachment!

Damn wake up 5a.m. in the morning is tough enough now they still torture me with all those report writing!
Tell me how are u going to BLOG about what you do everyday?

I feeling like write down the time as well....
5 a.m. today late wake up take cab pay 13dollar.
and bla bla bla like 12pm.. go toilet shit shit!
12 to 1 lucnh break sleep sleep!
2 to 4:30 meeting... sleep sleep again!
Cool blog!

Ok that all for my crap!


Angel said...

woohoo...first day alry like this..haha..nvm..u will get use with it..even u dun wan..u have to..muahaha..XD

housefly said...

no sweat man so MANY reportssssssssssss to write. they will check ur blog too??@_@

whole process of ship construction!!!*awe*

bluejazz said...

Daily blog is too much...wakaka...first day at work slept like that...u waiting to be fired?

Update weekly lo...like me...have to update although very busy...i gotta treat it like an assignment...so that i can get myself writing...

LucasLost said...

too bad i cant post the construction process here... because photo are confidential... is a different blog... have to access using school electronic portal...

haha...i really doze off during the meeting... my mentor say... give me 2 weeks... to get use to the long meeting...

i need something that can constantly keep me awake!