Sunday, September 28, 2008

You All Had One Of The Greatest Night! While I Had One Of My Greatest Day Too

In response to all my best friend that went to Clubbing, I guess I am bless for not being selfish... (the camera) as long as you all are happy I am happy too. Plus me myself had one of my greatest day in my life too... TODAY, This morning!

I want to go for clubbing many many times d... but... starfish reason bah... so didn't happen at all. I do miss the chance that u all had a great night, but I am Happy for everyone of you too! I am sure it is so damn happening and it can't explain by words!

Early this morning when I woke up, I was in surprise when Xyun told me Zaolon went clubbing with Liyin, Cong Hong and Weng Feng as well as my dearest Nikon D80. Xyun was so high and said she had a great clubbing experience! I remember when i woke up that time was around morning 6+ while the message i receive was 4++ am.

Well next clubbing make it happen at Singapore ok? I WANT TO GO THERE! but... prepare a cab for me... i will get drunk for sure... haha... I had a bad experience of drinking 3 bottle of Baron each with JunRun. Lucky he send me home... hahaha...

Well I can't really express how I feel too for today is just beyond words can express. Had a great time even though just talking with her and is really great to know her.

Everyday is Happy Happy Happy and Happy continuously. Is joy in my life! Even though working is tired... I enjoy it!

Let's all have joy and treasure everyday in our life!


bluejazz said... were like in cloud nine...sure got some chemistry d...good luck to u!!

Got bad experience still wanna go drunk?Its not good to go drunk...haha...

L i Y i n said...

glad you had a great day too!!!!!

btw we didnt bring your DSLR in lerr@@"..dont dare leh!! :P

wei songkeat thanks that you are willing to lend me your precious DSLR, but i think i'll pass it back to lon by this wed to bring back to you ;)

fallen said...

glad u had fun too, then v all had our greatest day!!!
take pic lea
i wanna c
sk, nez stop is KL
msn i tell u more abt that