Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend + Deepavali @ UTM

Yeah finally i get my camera back from Liyin and Zaolon. No worry it is still in good condition even though both of them are clumsy most of the time...!! : P

Last weekend went to City Square and meet up with Zaolon for Sushi King and Max Payne. Before that thanks to Ah Chew 1st, my room mate for staying at his house for one night + drive me around JB. That very nice of him. Although we been in the same room all the time, but staying at his house seem like generate more conversation than normal! Lol talk too much, end up waking up late... Almost too late to go CS to meet up with Zaolon.

This was take during last trip.

We had a real great lunch at SK there... too full till really can't walk and stuck at there for quite some time... the Max Payne was quite ok not that good... since the game itself is also confusing for me...

Next trip a BBQ party invited by Zing Yi. It was a combine cell group BBQ and is a lot of stranger there...

Sob sob... everyone really think that i am Uncle already... Do i really look that old? xD maybe is a good thing! Look is deceiving!
I guess this is the guys gang... not taken by me... suffer from S.T.M(short term memory) can't really recall who they are.
Sharing session where by Zing Yi was giving testimonial about God's miracle. From there Zaolon felt that in JSPO we had only been through the thin and not the thick.

Do praise him that he look thin now... he been on going a hardcore diet program!

Lol... Girls Boys at JSPO always kena bully by Us

Some random shots taken from Zaolon room.

There was a rugby competition that day when i visited utm

The next day, both of us were heading out to Jusco for another feast! That was our plan since last time i came to Taman University. Well this time, we made it!

Lol is one whole chicken + 2 sausage + wedges + root bear + chilli sauce from McD!
That wasn't all! After having such a big meal, we head back to Jusco and get Ice-cream again!
But we don't have spoon any more, never mind we got Zaolon, he went to get it from the chicken store... for free!

Now you see in, and now you don't! xD still haven't finish about our makan trip yet! Still got 1 more thing! Ice Kacang! Courtesy to Zaolon la! he insist that we must have the ice kacang!
This one eat too fast... forgot to take the picture, so... left 2 empty bowls!

Yes after this time to go back to UTM... Yum yum!
But the night is still young! More to come! Burger time!
Xinyun! BURGER oh!!! haha... I still didn't get the chance to eat the burger outside your house!
One is always not enough! It takes two to fill up our stomach!
I like to find my friends to be my model. This is taken after the supper. I like this feel very much! Although it is not sharp.


The last day i spend at UTM
Starting with 3 wok first! Yes is about eat again later on.

We actually spend most of out time chit-chatting at Zaolon hostel... sounds like boys talk right? lol... not just girls have pillow talk.

We also watch a few movie...
Zaolon is insane! He can repeatly watch the whole series over and over and over and over again! Is really many many many times again and again! Wonder why don't he feel bored.
Lol i know why... cause he keep on explaining it over and over again... till you feel bored he still want to explain over and over again....

Lol... i start to feel dizzy already!

Next taken by Zing Yi!
I just break out of prison for being illegal immigrant at UTM!
What do you do after you break out from prison? Of course fill up your stomach again!

The real hero is not me... is HIM! Never give up! never give up! Back to back eating none stop for 3 days! Cool! Diet? Nah... just for show!!!!! Hahaha!!

We all sure look like convict! See her hair? Woos... is like bushes! Well that add some character of hers!

Of course without the photos of happy couple how can i end my post right?
There you go! His name also sound like choon xuan but i think should spell it in chun xian.
Prove that i am not bluffing here... is really a happy couple! Some more they both wore the same color! Yellowish!

Before we go, i found something interesting. At least for me! Look at this kid below! Although only his hair is visible.

There is a nostalgia feeling when i saw this scene. Some how i feel that i am going back to when i am small while my dad is buying something and we were so curious! Every thing also want to take a look! I am sure he saw a lot of crispy chicken there!

After a long day, is time to kiss UTM good bye and my friends too...


Mei-Wah said...

very well-taken pictures! thumbs up for you~ (^_____^)

choonxuan said...

woooooooi choon xuan pulak!
zaolon mia diet plan CONRIMED FAIL ar!!!

L i Y i n said...

LOL!! STM.. i have that too.

ANd did you guys actually finish the whole bucket of WALLS?!@@"

~Live Life~ said...

So long since u last blog...

Hmm...went to meet up with them again haha...nice!!

Man...u all love eating...i shudn't have read this post...haha...

Tat pic u like...its like zao long lost his job or kinda stranded somewhere...

Angel said...

eh..i tot u say zaolong dieting?but he really looks thinner compare last time..but from the photo he eat like this..he'll soon come back!haha!
the 3 of u ate that tub of ice cream?how unbelievable ha..beh siu..anyway..wat a nice trip is tat!

LucasLost said...

Mei wah
Thanks for the comment! Take more picture whenever i can!

Yes his name sound almost like you!
as for zaolon diet plan... hmm.. i am sure he will start defend himself when he see these... xD

Yes i am aware of that! You also have great STM. Maybe much better than i do!
And Yes again we finish that walls! Most of it done by me... haha... i got bigger appetite when it came to ice-cream.

Hahaha... Malaysia's food still the best and make you miss it even more right? :P
Well i didn't blog much cause after work is very tiring.. yet i like picture in the post.. so now... the cam is back... so does the blog.
Yes zaolon is lost... after he thinks back about how much he had eaten! and his plan to fail in his dieting program! haha... as well as his examination that coming soon too.

Yes indeed he look thinner now compare to last time cause he been having 1 rice 1 vege for lunch and biscuit for the rest.
I wanted to go back pg too! but... time constraint hardly there is enough time and transport for me to do that... Public Holidays mean bus fare goes up so does the traffic.
I am stuck in SG forever d! :p

fallen said...

wont fail ko la...
still got 2 half weeks for me to diet
all u guys muz have faith in me ma.
but really ate a lot these 3 days.
muz jian tao...