Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woot been quite some times already since I last came here blogging.
Aiks just don't feel like to blog without any picture >.€ I wanna take lot of lot of picture here!!!
After work at Keppel become not much free time already. This week also work over time for 3 days! Sweat!! Last night also with the help of Zaolon we both work for my report until almost 5 o'clock! And I don't really get any sleep then straight went to work at 5:45am!
Lucky I am still 20! Else I would be dead now!

After back from work straight drop death on my bed! The world is silient to me till 1:00am then I revive from my tomb again!
Am I vampire or what?
So tired alredy still can't let me sleep till morning?
I hate being vampire!!!

I want more sleep!!!

Ah have to prepare for work again!
Today halfday >.<""

Morning everyone! And bye!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When Jit Sinise meet with other Jit Sinise

This happen last week and I hardy can find one time slot for me to blog it...
Well if I still not blogging it, this even will like be gone forever.

One tired night after working overtime at shipyard, I was on my bus home when suddenly my phone rang. I pick it up and there was one girl who say she was from fitness center, where she was  refer to me by Mr. Ang. When I accept that call I was bit piss of cause of my tiredness. So I was going to tell her that, so sorry I am not interested BUT then, she ask me a question.
Do you know who am I?

Sweat, how the hell would I know who is she?
Haha... Think about Fitness Telemarketing and Mr. Ang is very suspicious, so I guess this salesgirl must be some nuts! Haha.. no she is Margaret!
Actually Margaret came over to Singpore for holidays and end up I had a gathering with KRS people while normally I hardly even talk to Cory and Wen Liang. Both of them were study in NTU. There is one more guy with us that day, Shaw Chian!

The most memorable part for that week was I can't stop laughing and spoken like PENANG style...
In Singapore if I talk the way I use to be, it was really COLD for them. Then you will end up with weird look. To end the misery, normally I would said... relax! I am from PING cheng... is kinda cold there!
Prisoner on the lose
Prisoner on the lose!

Hehe... Margaret's piece of art! haha.... We were having an additional Wen Liang Belated Birthday too!

Ok let's start from earlier a bit!
Tada! Mr Donal get molested by me! Wait we were brothers! Can you spot that? same outfit!!

As a result i was sent to the Jail by the police car >.<

OK those were craps, just random shot by Margaret. That's what happen when Jit Sinise meet with all the others Jit Sinise!

We then dinner at Cafe Cartel

Most of us who graduate from Jit Sin will gone through a 180 degree change! Even Wen Liang also lost most of his weight! Cory and Margaret, no need say d la.... haahaa..

I am the odd on here just like the Ugly Ducking! Hahaha.... Zaolon said I should beware of what I said that day, KRS will not let go of me if I step on their tails!

That's the belated Birthday for Wen Liang... Even the Cake and the Candle also Half size... Miniature Birthday Party.

Tada is me again! Hehe.. Since hardly got photo of mine!

After having our dinner we head for Sg's Gaint for shopping.

Lately I like to use Continous shot to make GIF picture! It shows movements!

What does this color remind of you?
Does it look familiar?
Well even if you are color blind I am sure you do see this color some where right?

Yes I am trying to blend into the zebra crosing! Haha...

I got myself a photographer that day! So there were quite a numbers of my Entao Picuture but.. not going to upload more.. 物以稀为贵嘛!

Lol the boss... is looking else where when we all were already prepare for the count down timer!
Since he is the boss, you can't say much!

Whack! Ouch! Haha...... Cory evil laughter!
Someone just too heavy to lift off the ground... (by Zaolon)
That the end of the day... really laugh none stop for quite a few day! Really refresh my Jit Sin's Time.

It just feel fun to be together, no matter what we were doing... enjoy the process!

And I decide not to post photos of foods, don't want to make those who miss Asian food kill me during next year month of ghosts!