Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woot been quite some times already since I last came here blogging.
Aiks just don't feel like to blog without any picture >.€ I wanna take lot of lot of picture here!!!
After work at Keppel become not much free time already. This week also work over time for 3 days! Sweat!! Last night also with the help of Zaolon we both work for my report until almost 5 o'clock! And I don't really get any sleep then straight went to work at 5:45am!
Lucky I am still 20! Else I would be dead now!

After back from work straight drop death on my bed! The world is silient to me till 1:00am then I revive from my tomb again!
Am I vampire or what?
So tired alredy still can't let me sleep till morning?
I hate being vampire!!!

I want more sleep!!!

Ah have to prepare for work again!
Today halfday >.<""

Morning everyone! And bye!


~Live Life~ said...

Take it easy man!

Mei-Wah said...

live life one step at a time... :)