Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas!

Wow.... too a lot of picture during the festival season! Just Orchard, I visted twice to take some photo and do some shopping! Well this post most of the subject is people which I would like to polish my skill at!

Digital Era is also a pain in the ass, when shooting picture, we then to shoot like nobody business, but when came to selecting the best out of it, it really makes you headache. Don't even mention if i have to do manual touch up. That one for now i gave it a pass. No time for that yet.

Just organizing my photo, took hours. So now lets go take a look on the photo that taken by me and Ah Chew's Friend (f.y.i ah chew is my room mate.)

A drunken toss to everyone for this Christmas!
The lovely couple, more picha of them is on the line up. Sweet sweet moment.
Lets not forget about the true meaning of this wonderful festival. The shepherd and we are his little lambs. Hope no one get lost!
Even if you were lost, I am sure this one will get u back on track!


This one is not by me but sure is a great picture to tell you about the xmas atmosphere.

In this great season, fight should be avoided. Forgiveness!
May their friendship forever!
I am so hungry that i grab on the sweet on the decoration to fill in my stomach. But the sweet is tasteless, It has no filling.

The one on the left is not taken by me, not sure what it is. While hte right one is from the toilet sign.
Is good to see from other peoples perspective. Photography need more thinking that you already has.

keep your eyes open! there are more than you had already seen. Not by me too.
Overexpose create picture that can't be seen by our eyes. Nice one.
Can you spot the photographer? Too bad the sphere don't reflect 100%
When the world turns black and white, there is one thing that remain the same. Light.
This shot is hard to get. Have to turn the available light unavailable and shot it with low powered flash. Like it!
Coca Cola, my favourite! If you play FB Pet pupz, my dog is called Coca Cola and it hates Pepsi!
I think I can became a good advertiser since iPod touch and now Coca Cola.
Finally is time to go home!

More coming when I free to blog more.... >.<

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas in around the atmosphere!

I went to Esplanet for the SSO - Christmas Concert and it was the best concert that I had ever attended! Singapore Symphony Orchestra is really damn good! With subsidise from my school, I only had to pay 10 dollar for a world class concert and I even get a chance to sing along with SSO at Esplanet!

I can't really recall when was the last time I attend a concert like this beside the Ross Roy that JSPO performed. The concert gave me a nostalgia feeling and really bring back a lot of old memories...

Such as when I heard the French Horn play, it brings me back to the old times when I am the one who play it. When saw the trombone, this bring me the flash back of mischievous Cong Chee. So on and so fort until even members that I knew came across my mind. Really a great experience to heard SSO Concert.

Next is today where by I bought a Nikkor 50mm Af f1.8D lens! Been waiting to own it since long time ago, without it, I won't be able to take the picture below.

This were all Christmas decoration that I took from Orchard Road. This is Xmas tree hunt!

Personally really love using F1.8 prime lens. It really makes the impossible to take picture at low light possible! Of course if i can get a f1.4 or f1.2 in the future, that would be even greater! 
f.y.i the f1.4 lens is at least 2x the f1.8 and f1.2 is 2x the f1.4 >.<

Last time I really hate night photography, what I get was always blury picha!!!

Well I close my eyes and pretend that the snow if falling and I had a White Christmas! *knock knock! time to wake up!

Not just the Christmas Atmosphere everywhere, even the Loves are spread like a virus through the air!

The traffic in this small island is really heavy... not just the traffic, even pedestrian!

Me: Santa! This year present I want unlimited cash flow!
Santa: Well son, with Maybank Platinum Credit Card you can have all you wanted!

I wish those were real! F.O.C.

After walk around for quite some times, is time to cure our stomach with some food around the city! This time Chian's treat at NYDC!This is the first time I dine in, but the reputation is always good and after I tired it, is really damn good!
The bokeh effect archived by using wide open aperture of f1.8. I wish I own the upcoming Nikkor 50mm F1.4 with 9 diaphragm blade. Then the bokeh will be more soft and round.

Aiks my memory is really not good... STM is consuming now and then. The drinks was nice is Lemon xxxxxx I can't remember it. Next is Pasta, Red Hot Chilli Pepper! Thumbs up! I had never tasted cheese pasta which the cheese itself is chewable!

Those who follow my blog, do you remember this (Well I don't know what should I call her), I once too a picha with them too! and... see the background? Nikon is shooting at me too!
Christmas tree that made up from teddy bears! Have you seen it before? Well now you do.. and it is HIGH VOLTAGE so beware!

Now featuring the tallest Christmas tree in Orchard! It belong to Takashimaya! It is about 3 stories in height!

Does anyone know why is there a star at the top of the Christmas tree and why does it need to be decorate with round sphere?
Hmmm... I really wonder why... but it makes me feel great just to stare at them.

Singapore is really one of the world most dense in population. During weekends or holidays, everyone came out from their house and flooded the city... During Christmas the numbers of people will be double from now. At least.

That's all for the Chritmas decoration at Orchard! Hope you all enjoy the photo as much as I took it!