Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas!

Wow.... too a lot of picture during the festival season! Just Orchard, I visted twice to take some photo and do some shopping! Well this post most of the subject is people which I would like to polish my skill at!

Digital Era is also a pain in the ass, when shooting picture, we then to shoot like nobody business, but when came to selecting the best out of it, it really makes you headache. Don't even mention if i have to do manual touch up. That one for now i gave it a pass. No time for that yet.

Just organizing my photo, took hours. So now lets go take a look on the photo that taken by me and Ah Chew's Friend (f.y.i ah chew is my room mate.)

A drunken toss to everyone for this Christmas!
The lovely couple, more picha of them is on the line up. Sweet sweet moment.
Lets not forget about the true meaning of this wonderful festival. The shepherd and we are his little lambs. Hope no one get lost!
Even if you were lost, I am sure this one will get u back on track!


This one is not by me but sure is a great picture to tell you about the xmas atmosphere.

In this great season, fight should be avoided. Forgiveness!
May their friendship forever!
I am so hungry that i grab on the sweet on the decoration to fill in my stomach. But the sweet is tasteless, It has no filling.

The one on the left is not taken by me, not sure what it is. While hte right one is from the toilet sign.
Is good to see from other peoples perspective. Photography need more thinking that you already has.

keep your eyes open! there are more than you had already seen. Not by me too.
Overexpose create picture that can't be seen by our eyes. Nice one.
Can you spot the photographer? Too bad the sphere don't reflect 100%
When the world turns black and white, there is one thing that remain the same. Light.
This shot is hard to get. Have to turn the available light unavailable and shot it with low powered flash. Like it!
Coca Cola, my favourite! If you play FB Pet pupz, my dog is called Coca Cola and it hates Pepsi!
I think I can became a good advertiser since iPod touch and now Coca Cola.
Finally is time to go home!

More coming when I free to blog more.... >.<


zaolon said...

><...haha..put u earoplane pulak..
go blame hou ba...
cant spend new year 2gether oso...><

~Live Life~ said...

Nice pictures again...

But I prefer the previous ones...

Merry Belated Christmas!!!

LucasLost said...

ya because the previous one, i got my own sweet time to go around and take picture... this one i have to follow my fren around >.<

how NY? haha....

~Live Life~ said...

NY's eve in NY = (CRAZY + COLD + CROWDED) x 10

But it was quite an experience...first and the last!

Will blog about it and chat wif you next time...;)