Thursday, December 4, 2008

When you own an iPod in the toilet!

Yes! Lately I got myself an iPod touch! Is really cooooool to have one iPod touch where u can use it everywhere you wanted!

Today I will show you all where u can use it in toilet! Stay Tune!

The following picture are rated NC-17 which is "No Children Under 17 Admitted"

Lol... the composition came a cross my mind quite some time ago since I own the iPod, till today I get my room mate to help me take all these insane photo! Beware... there are almost nudity photo below...
The first situation! Many people like to sing while they are having bath, but there is no radio inside the toilet! Now if you have iPod Touch 2G with you, this can be solved easily! The new iPod Touch is now came with a built in speaker! So you can sing while you bath with the Speacker turn ON!

Well if you want to use it for other purposes, feel free to do so!

Next is even when you shit! You can use your iPod too!!! The screen is so big where you can listen to music while sure web on the other hand or even watch a movie while you are shiting!

Experience on toilet bowl will never be the same again if you own an iPod Touch 2G! Anything and everything is possible! Just open up your mind and do what every you want!

iPod is a tool for you to muilty task at any time!
Let me give you an example brushing teeth! Listen to music and brushing teeth gives you the tempo! so... it lets enjoy the beats while brushing teeth!

When it feel right! Just shave it! Muilty tasking save times! Time is precious!

Well that's all for today! Please stay tune for next extry! Hopefully I can think of something that is interesthing enough and compatible with iPod Touch!



Angel said...

hey..ur ipod is geng la..but i din know ipod is waterproof eh?
you so geli man..regret to wait for ur blog at this late at nightmare..cant sleep d!

~Live Life~ said...


U brought it up to the next level...haha...

Keep it up...but don't give girls more nightmares d...wakaka...

choonxuan said...

tik kuah~

L i Y i n said...

Me gonna slap you wahlao beh tahan can die.

LucasLost said...

xD wait for my photo shooting session when i get back bm... i cant wait till it arrive!

Live Station said...

You shaving with I Pod? I love that pic!

you can become the i pod ambassador liao lar.. LoL

Anonymous said...

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