Friday, December 12, 2008

SSO Christmas Concerts! Here I come!

Yes did anyone of you notice the icon on my blog top left coner? Hehe.... I like it very much! ok that not the point. Just wanna you all the take a look at it.
wah... lately... everyday overtime, and i was posted to engineering department to become a drafter for mechanical piping!

Everyday 10 hours stare at the computer and keep on chasing my mouse.... here and there....
is tiring but interesting for me because i LIKE design!! well i didn't do the design just.... lol.. drafting...

After work back home... laptop again! I think i really need to get a spectacle asap.

Yes Esplanet I am coming! Last week, i got 5 tickets from my lecture for Singapore Symphony Ochestra Christmas Concert at Esplanet Concert Hall! Woot... each ticket only cost 10 dollar while the rest is subsidised by school.

Sure won't let go of this chance for such a good concert right? I don't even remember when was the last time i had a concert night. The only concert that i could recall was JSPO's.

Is 1:30am now! OMG! working later at 6am! muahaha.... I am half Iron Man d!!

ok before i end this post, show you my evil grin!
What were 3 topless guys doing? haha.... this was taken on the same day i produce the toilet advertisment.

more... on this next time.... xD


Angel said... concert..must be very nice de..awww~

mR Chew said...

walau eh, ur face emotion sibe funny sier..